Antonia Blue Star Energy Healer

1 Self-Care Subscriptions

Balance (Bi-Weekly Subscription)

per month
To support you through challenging times. Claiming your power and balance.

Bi-Weekly 55 minute phone or in-studio sessions. 2/55 minute sessions $160. Normally $240. You save $80.

Compassion (Weekly Subscription)

per month
Accelerate your transformation with this highly supportive, weekly healing subscription. To support you through short-term difficulties,projects or spiritual growth. Buildable Progress.

Move Forward Quickly.

Weekly 55 minute phone or in-studio sessions. 4/55 minute sessions per month $300. Normally $480. You Save $180.

Happy Family Subscription (Monthly 4 Pack)

per month
Happy Family Subscription For up to 4 Family Members or Partner.
This Family Subscription nurtures and promotes harmony amongst family or partners.

4/55 Minute Healing Studio Sessions $300. Normally $480. You Save $180.00.

Note* In-Studio Only

Harmony (Monthly)

per month
Recharge. Monthly Healing Sessions to maintain momentum and ease challenges. Renewing the divine Connection.

A 55 Minute Monthly Session $90
Normally $120. You Save $30.