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A Week of Feldenkrais

$ CAD100.00
In this intensive, concentrated format, you can experience the kind of change that just can't happen in a weekly class. This is just the boost you've been looking for!

MORNING AND EVENING Classes: For $100 you can could attend as many as 10 classes in one week.

If you think you can make more than 4 classes, it's worth your while.

The Gift of Craniosacral Therapy

$ CAD100.00
Whether you need to slow down, rest and recover - or whether you want to address some deeper issues, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy can offer a real boost to your health. It is an hour of deeply recharging for your 'battery', and you may be surprised when body tension melts away and your muscles actually 'unwind'!

For you all those you love.

Unlimited Class Pass plus a Private

$ CAD180.00
Come to as many classes as you are able, AND save $20 on a private Feldenkrais or Craniosacral session.

8 class pass

$ CAD190.00
Purchase this pass in advance, and attend part of an entire session.
Please register for each class with instructor by email or text

Some restrictions may apply:
- in the event that the class is full
-in the event that the class has been cancelled
-once pass has expired (6 months)
Please register for each class with instructor by email or text

If possible, attend 4 in a row to get the most out of your experience.

Chronic Condition Programme

$ CAD1050.00
A thorough and compassionate approach to guiding you back to resilience, well being and confidence in moving once again.

This is a powerful commitment to your Health, and it is my privilege to offer my skills and experience as a Feldenkrais Practitioner and a Craniosacral Therapist.

This approach by definition is a compliment to other treatments that you require.

Recovery Treatment Package of 6

$ CAD540.00
Create the conditions necessary for lasting change, work with a protocol designed for your goals and needs, gain confident to practice at home and save on the cost of an individual session.

Congratulations for making a special commitment to your health and learning.

You have 6 months to use this 6 pack, and we can decide how to pace our time together.

Functional Integration (single)

$ CAD100.00
Private lessons are subtle, unique to you and can transform your movement potential. Book a single appointment, or consider a series of lessons to create exciting new possibilities for your movement life.

Craniosacral Therapy

$ CAD100.00
Enjoy deep relaxation and healing with Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. This gentle yet profound light touch treatment is for the whole body - with a particular emphasis on regulation of the central nervous system.  Your practitioner orients to your body's innate ability to restore and heal. This approach promotes the health and integrity of your spine, fascia, muscles and joints, as well as the communication between all the systems of the body.
The term Biodynamic implies that this approach uses highly informed touch to invite and support the client’s body to initiate the change, as needed in its’ own timing and priority.


A Weekend For You

$ CAD100.00
Come to all 3 sessions, great value for a bunch of good stuff.