Voice Bioanalysis Special

Through ongoing research VoiceBio founder, Dr. Kae Thompson, has been successful in documenting frequency patterns associated with emotional and physical ailments as well as certain diseases. Using special software, a client’s voice pattern is recorded and interpretations provided based on her research.

Schedule 3 sessions one month apart for less than the price of 2 sessions.

Balance & Harmony

Treat yourself or someone you love with the gift of space and time. Bathe in the energy of gongs and bowls. Gain a sense of balance and harmony.

Purchase three 120-min Harmonic Therapy Sessions and save $55

Clarity & Focus

Invest in you! Consistency is the key to making change in your life. Devote time to gain clarity and focus on what you want to attract and manifest in your life.

Purchase six 120-min Harmonic Therapy Sessions and save $120


Transformation is a journey. It is a commitment to take action to shed yourself of the habits and rituals that drain you.

Make the commitment to Transform Your Life.

Purchase nine 120-min Harmonic Therapy Sessions and save $290