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Ongoing Coaching with Bonnie Gillespie (3-Session Package, Via Zoom)

THREE ONE-HOUR ZOOM SESSIONS. You're a creative storyteller on the road to your next tier. You know you're talented. You've read "Self-Management for Actors." You even have a handle on some of the nuts-and-bolts of running your business. You're just overwhelmed by the mixed messages showbiz sends our way. You're ready for 1-on-1, focused support to get clarity around your success framework, to access your healthiest mindset for tackling upper-limit problems, and to connect with a little woo when inspiration strikes for such exploration. NOTE: If you are a current member of Get in Gear for the Next Tier, please reach out for your discounted link to this offer! We treasure you!

Year of Minis with Bonnie Gillespie (12 Audio-Only 15-Minute Zoom Calls)

TWELVE 15-MINUTE AUDIO-ONLY ZOOM SESSIONS. This is designed to support creatives who need a monthly peptalk, mindset reframe, big-picture refocusing, nuts-and-bolts strategizing, or some quick all-about-you woo. Yep! We can support your "Self-Management for Actors" work, your Get in Gear for the Next Tier membership, your small business entrepreneurship journey, or your Chart Harmony remedy creation! It's all fair game during these focused audio-only Zoom sessions! Ideally, you'll schedule one mini per month after we've had a *separate* 1:1 session in which we've gotten clear about the goals we'll tackle during the brilliant year you'll have with such consistent support!

Chart Harmony

Guided Chart Harmony

LIMITED MENTORSHIPS AVAILABLE: This is for those who want to meet with Bonnie Gillespie monthly to connect more deeply with the underserved parts of your astrological chart and numerology. Your FIRST 1-on-1 on-camera Zoom will be used to review your welcome kit (which includes your natal chart, your Chart Harmony setpoints, areas of opportunity to build a better relationship with balance in your life, and example starter rituals) and to set goals for the year ahead. Subsequent 1-on-1 audio-only Zooms will include a review of the monthly Chart Harmony Calendar, your upcoming transits, and custom remedies as you recalibrate your sense of connection with your gifts. Ongoing support between sessions takes place in our Discord server.