Prenatal Class Packages

Awesomely Ready for Birth & Baby

This package includes four courses:
Prepared Childbirth (9 hours)
Move & Get Comfy for Labor (3 hours),
Breastfeeding Ready (3 hours)
New Baby & Postpartum Ready (3 hours)
You'll be prepared for labor/birth, your partner will be prepared to support you through labor and birth and you will also feel much more ready for caring for and feeding your baby. You'll be setting yourselves up for confidence and feel ready, whatever you decide your goals are!

Online Guided Spinning Babies Parent Class

This package includes a download of the Spinning Babies Parent Class to watch with your birth partner on your own time and then a 1-hour private, live session with a Spinning Babies Certified Parent Educator (online via Zoom) to answer any questions and to actively go over several of the key techniques so your partner learns what they should be doing to maximize comfort and effectiveness of the positions and movements of the Spinning Babies techniques. Prepare to say, "oh, that's SO much more comfortable!"

Ready for an Awesome Birth

This package includes the Move & Get Comfy for Labor class (3 hours) and the Prepared Childbirth 3-week series (9 hours). Both classes include lots of additional "homework"/resources, including the ability to reach out to your instructors after classes to ask them questions! These classes really get you and your partner ready for labor and birth!

Ready for Life with a Baby

This package includes two classes: Breastfeeding Ready (3 hours) and New Baby & Postpartum Ready (3 hours). You'll also receive plenty of "homework" resources after class and can always reach out to your instructors with questions! This really gets you ready for living with and caring for your new baby!