Prenatal Class Packages

Awesomely Ready for Birth & Baby

This package includes five courses:
Awesome Birth Ready (9 hours)
Move & Get Comfy for Labor (4 hours, first two hours online and second two hours are online or in-person, you choose)
Breastfeeding Ready (3 hours) (or, if you do NOT plan to nurse or pump, we can schedule a private, virtual bottlefeeding class with you, just ask!) (feel free to choose the in-person option instead of the online class)
New Baby & Postpartum Ready (3 hours)
Pump & Bottle Ready (on-demand class)
You'll be prepared for labor/birth, your partner will be prepared to support you through labor and birth and you will also feel much more ready for caring for and feeding your baby. You'll be setting yourselves up for confidence and feel ready, whatever you decide your goals are!

Move & Get Comfy for Labor (Part One and Part Two)

Move & Get Comfy for Labor is a two-part class, totalling 4 hours. The first two hours are virtual/Zoom for everyone. There are two per month to choose from, attend one. The second part is 2-hours and we offer that generally once per month. The second part can be attended all virtual or there are limited spots for people to attend in-person in Northborough, MA. There is also homework to do before Part One, so pay attention to the email you receive for your confirmation of this package purchase! And be sure to schedule BOTH Part One AND Part Two!!!!

Ready for an Awesome Birth

This package includes the Move & Get Comfy for Labor two-part class (4 hours) and the Awesome Birth Ready 3-week series (9 hours). Both classes include lots of additional "homework"/resources, including the ability to reach out to your instructors after classes to ask them questions! These classes really get you and your partner ready for labor and birth!

Ready for Life with a Baby (breastfeeding plan)

This package includes three classes: Breastfeeding Ready (3 hours) and New Baby & Postpartum Ready (3 hours) and Pump & Bottle Ready (2 hours, on-demand course). In October and November 2023, there is an in-person option for the Breastfeeding Ready class. You'll also receive plenty of "homework" resources after class and can always reach out to your instructors with questions! This really gets you ready for living with and caring for your new baby!

Ready for Life with Baby (bottlefeeding-only plan)

This package is for those who do NOT plan on breastfeeding/chestfeeding/nursing/pumping but instead plan to only bottlefeed with formula or donor milk. In addition to the New Baby & Postpartum Ready class, you'll receive a private, virtual class (options for evening/weekend are available, just ask!). We'll go over updated recommendations on bottles, positions for bottlefeeding, flow rates, bottle preparation and more! We'll also cover how to reduce/prevent engorgement and reduce any milk supply, as milk often "comes in" during that first week and parents who don't plan on nursing/pumping need to stop that production. Grandparents welcome to join you on the call. This class is with Jeanette Mesite Frem, IBCLC, Babies in Common's owner/childbirth educator and lactation consultant.