Individual Astrology Consultation

Gain valuable insight into your life
Recognize and acknowledge your strengths
Increase your confidence and self-esteem
Direct your personal growth
Discover new ways to empower yourself

Astrology Adventure Program

This is a one year program designed to guide you into the learning of Astrology.
In this one year program you will discover new levels of self understanding, understanding of the world, and understanding of others.
We will bring the core components of the horoscope to life!

Relationship Overview

Develop a deep compassion and understanding of yourself, your partner, and your relationship!

Astrolore's Business Coaching

Work with Astrolore & The Holistic School of Business! Contact me before setting this appointment.

Astrology Consultation Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate for One Hour Astrological Consultation with Astrolore!

The Excitement of New Relationship

There is much excitement when love begins to bloom! It is important to enjoy every moment!
One of the greatest gifts of astrology is its ability to help people understand each other and to see the possibilities of what can develop between them.

Understanding Yourself in Relationship

Learn to deeply understand your needs, desires, patterns, and confusions in Relationship.
Understanding, focused intention, and direction will transform your experience as you search for soul connection.
Full Relationship assessment, written recommendations, and two 50 minute Consultations

Relationship Renewal - Silver

If you have a specific goal for your relationship, that requires focused attention, this is the ideal package to help you transform this issue.

Relationship Renewal - Gold

This is a true Relationship Transformation Package!
Your understanding of yourself and your relationship will be revitalized; resulting in renewed connection, passion, and communication between you and your partner.