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Located in Magnolia Wellness Center
2900 Bristol G-106 Costa Mesa, CA 92627
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{GIFT} ALLOWING manual lymph drainage

The lymph is the body’s filtration system! Sometimes due to energetic or physical blocks, the lymph struggles and presents its self as swollen, puffy face, dark hollowed eyes, acne, redness, dark pigmentation patches, lines, wrinkles and general lifelessness. We can restore your vibrancy by simply clearing the path and moving all the pebbles so the river can flow freely, so to speak. This is a treatment suited best for shorter durations but more frequent visits.

{GIFT} INSPIRED 75 minute facial


{GIFT} INSPIRED 90 minute facial


{GIFT] UPLIFTED facial sculpting


ALLOWING -manual lymph drainage GIFT

Weekly Sessions to improve Lymphatic flow.

INSPIRED - 75 minute series - 6 sessions


INSPIRED - 90 minute series - 6 sessions


UPLIFTED facial sculpting - 6 sessions