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Maintain (10 treatments)

Perfect for clients who appreciate good health and understand that keeping the body balanced is integral to good health.

Terms and conditions: all 10 treatments must be used within 10 months of the first treatment. Can be used by other family members.

Restore (5 treatments)

Great for those who like to look after themselves and have their bodies 'balanced' regularly, or those who have chronic body issues they would like sorted.

Terms and conditions: all 5 treatments must be used within 5 months of the first treatment.

Expectant Mum's (3 treatments)

Expecting a new addition to the family soon? I have just the treatment to help all those pregnancy woes and leave Mum-to-be feeling great! Short but sweet treatments catering specifically for her needs.

Preparing your body for birth (6 treatments)

A treatment package beginning at week 32 of pregnancy, and finishing at 40 weeks when you will meet your baby.
It is a gentle soft tissue osteopathic treatment to assist with all aspects of pregnancy in the final months such as, back pain, sciatica, insomnia, shortness of breath, swelling, high blood pressure, fatigue and nausea.