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Before & After

Nana’s Before and After Mentholated Antiseptic kills germs while cooling scalp and relieving pain from beginning to end.

Black Castor Oil Braid Sheen

Instantly conditions with this superb blend of oils while adding luster and preventing hair from becoming dry and damaged. Excellent for
all hair types including Braids, Perms, Pressed and Weaves.

Shea Butter

Formulated with age old properties of African Shea Butter, Jojoba and natural Bee’s Wax. It rejuvenate damaged, over processed, weak and fragile
hair. Regular use leaves hair soft, silky and healthy. Excellent for all hair types.

Tea Tree Therapeutic Balm and Hair Thickener

Nana’s Tea Tree Therapeutic Balm and Hair Thickener instantly relieves dry dull hair while treating itchy scalp with a cool menthol sensation.

The Nana Pack

The total hair care package!
Be sure to take advantage of our 5 – Step Plan to maintaining healthy and stronger hair while it is braided and it keeps your style immaculate for a longer timeframe. Ask us how today!