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Private Swim Lessons | Membership I 4 Monthly Sessions

per month
4 Private Swim Lessons Per Month
Unused sessions rollover. No minimums. Upon cancellation unused sessions expire at the end of the billing cycle. No refunds for unused sessions.

Custom Training Plan | Monthly To Month Membership | - $79/mo

$50.00 initial setup plus $79.00 per month

Club | Month to Month | Self Coached Membership | - $129/mo

per month
After signing up schedule an Orientation for your first appointment so we can show you around and how to use the equipment.

Club | 6MM | Sportif Membership | - $179/mo

$50.00 initial setup plus $179.00 per month

All Inclusive Program | 6MM - $299/mo

per month
We recommend scheduling a consult prior to enrolling.

A custom training plan tailored to your goals, events, fitness needs, availability to train with planned periodic performance testing (VO2max, Lactate Profile, etc) to monitor adaptations, and setup training zones. Monthly massage therapy included and Normatec compression therapy. Access to the training center is included (by appointment).

Gift Certificates

Normatec | Package | 1 Hour Appointment | 10 Sessions


Normatec | Package | 1 Hour Appointment | 1 Session + Orientation


Massage Therapy - 1 Hour Appointment


Massage Therapy Package - 6 Hours

This package allows you to schedule up to 6 hours of massage appointments.

Private Swim Workshop (6 One Hour Sessions)

Upon completion of each session your personal videos will be sent to you. Swim stroke analysis and video clips of drills learned during your lesson.

RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate)


Swim Stroke Analysis

This session we'll video record your stroke and review your trouble spots which are slowing you down.

Private Swim Instruction


Swim, Bike or Run Zone Check - Lactate Profile or VO2max

5 Training zones are setup up in HR and pace 100/m (swim), Watts (cycling) Pace (running) .

Bike or Run Zone Check - VO2max + Lactate Profile

5 Training zones are setup up in HR and pace Watts (cycling) Pace (running) .