Corky's 40 minute classes scheduled weekly for one month

per month
You can buy multiples when checking out, for example if you want to study 3 times per week.

For these classes you schedule regular times that work for you and always study at those same times. If you miss a lesson there is no reimbursement, but if you let us know at least a day in advance sometimes we can offer a make up lesson. (Why? https://www.spanishforgood.com/whypayformissed)

Example: Tuesday at 6pm, Wed at 6pm and Sat at 9am.

Payment is for your schedule for a month at a time, not a specific number of lessons. (Explanation: https://www.spanishforgood.com/pricesexplained)

Corky's Flex Time when buying 1 - 4 hours.


Corky's Miscellaneous Stuff

Special $1.00