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Break Free From Your Past Today!

This is for one powerful breakthrough session!

We will show you exactly how to overcome all the roadblocks.

Life is too short to not get much out of it. We show you what we can do to help you.

Quick 20 minute energy boost session! Easy to fit into your day.

The Gift of Health

You will receive the following.

Step by step path tailored for you to heal!

Guided meditation and how to track your healing!

Learn how words you speak are keeping you from getting well!

Come Into The Light!

This is a powerful one-hour breakthrough session. Specifically targeted to assist you to overcome stress and anxiety.

You will receive the balance that you have been looking for.

Live will be easier for you to face as you let go of the baggage from your past.

Quick Start to Healing!

* This is a three session package.
* Get a jump start on healing.
* Overcome imbalances keeping you sick and tired!
* Remove negative mind programing.
* Crush bad eating habits.
* Sleep through the night without interruptions.
* Find the peace and joy you deserve.

Breaking the Depression Cycle For Good!

+This is a five session package.
+Get to the root of the depression and clear it for good
+Find your Creation Statement!
+Balancing all of your hormones. (Men and Women)
+Clearing energy from your past to...
+Open a new door to a brighter future!
+Receive a one on one bonus coaching session.

Finding The True YOU!

-Eight week program with one on one coaching
along the way to insure the forward progress you
deserve. (Eight Sessions)
-This incorporates the other two packages above!
-You will be free to accomplish your dreams.
-Things that once made you upset, no longer will.
-Creating lasting relationships will come with ease.
-Program is flexible to work around your schedule.
-You will learn how to attract what you want in life!
-Receive "your top three" Young Living essential oils!
(15 ml size)