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Infrared Sauna 20 min Float 1 hour

$ AUD80.00
Ultimate relax and detox , Infrared Sauna for 20 min and Float for 1 hour

1 Hour Float

$ AUD65.00
1 float of 60 mins.

Valid for 9 Months

Triple Treat with Sauna & Float !!!

$ AUD195.00
3 Individual Rooms booked at same time ,each with a Infrared Sauna 20min and a 1 Hour Float

Triple Treat !!!

$ AUD150.00
3 Separate Rooms same appointment time , 1 hour Float each

Couples or Besties Infrared Sauna & Float

$ AUD130.00
2 x20min Infrared Sauna and 1 Hour Float

Sauna times can be adjusted to suit your preference

appointments to be booked at same time

Couples & Friends Package 2 x 1Hr

$ AUD100.00
This package includes 2 floats of 60 mins each.

We have two tank rooms - why not share the experience?
This package can be split if both floats are booked at the same time.

Valid for 3 Months - Transferable only if used at the same time

Yearly Membership was $220 now only $89

$ AUD89.00
Complimentary 15 min sauna and 1 hour floatĀ 
thereafter prices ;
Sauna 15 min float 1 hour for only $65
Sauna 25 min 1 hour float for only $75
Float for 1 hour $50
Float for 1 1/2 hours $70
Bring a non member and they pay the same price as your appointment selection.

Complimentary 15min sauna 1hr float for new memberships only
Already a member ? enjoy Sauna 15 min 1 hour floatĀ for only $65 and all the other usual benefits of being a member,
We don't offer sauna without floating.
non Transferable
Infrared Sauna only after consult with primary healthcare physician. Pregnant women cannot sauna.

Super Floater Package 5 x Sauna & Float

$ AUD300.00
This package includes 300 minutes of floating.
100 mins Sauna
5 x Sauna and floats
$400 worth of value !
No cancellations on bookings

Valid for 6 Months - per person

3 Float Pack

$ AUD150.00
3 x 1 hour floats at members prices!

For first time floaters with us and needs to be used within 2 months.

Floating is cumulative

Valid for 2 month - and are per person (not transferable)