Heart of Riding LLC


Mary Wanless Clinic MAY 2018 - - 50% of Full Ride Fee

A deposit of 50% of the full ride fee is required to secure your spot in the Mary Wanless Clinic. Pay this twice to pay the full fee of $600. The balance, if you're not doing it all at once, must be paid on or before May 1, 2018.

Should you need to scratch from the clinic, your deposit will only be refunded if your slot can be filled. I will do everything I can to make sure this happens, but cannot guarantee it.

Slots are first come, first served. There may be a waiting list which is also first come first served.

The full fee pays for 3 lessons with Mary Wanless, one lesson on each day of the clinic. Each lesson will be a semi-private and will last the entirety of 60 minutes.

The clinic dates are May 19, 20, 21.

Horse leasing, housing and stabling must be prepaid. These are all first come, first served - see additional items for purchase below. *Coming soon*

If bringing a horse, proof of negative Coggins must be presented BEFORE arrival - you can take a photo of it and send as an attachment or forward an electronic copy via email: heartofriding@gmail.com or mail a hard copy to Heart of Riding at 26771 Howard Chapel Drive, Damascus MD 20872 two weeks before the clinic starts. Horses without proof of negative Coggins will be turned away at the gate.

Horse Lease - 1 ride

If you have paid to ride a school horse ($45/ride), a staff member will be assigned to you to help you get your horse groomed and tacked up, as well as untacked and put away. To find out about the available school horses, please contact Emily directly: heartofriding@gmail.com or 240 587 7996.

All riders leasing horses for the clinic pay for 3 rides (total: $135), so you will need 3 of these.

Housing: 1 bed in shared room - 1 night

The farmhouse we usually stay in is not available due to renovations and tenancy changes.

PLEASE indicate what dates you would like onsite housing for when you pay :)

I have rented an adorable apartment in Boyds, MD for a small number of people to stay in.

"The Nest", 20X30 top floor furnished room w/cathedral ceiling, window wall, spruce paneling, and carpeted flooring. Opens to deck in canopy of trees. Private entrance, FIOS high speed internet, tv w/ROKU streaming device, half bath & mini-fridge upstairs, shared kitchen/dining/laundry/shower, full fridge downstairs. Accommodates 4, full bed and sofa. Surrounded by nature's beauty. 10 forested acres and large kitchen/herb garden.

There will be a light breakfast served in the kitchen each morning, which will include coffee, tea, english muffins, yogurt, granola, milk and fresh fruit.

The second night of the clinic we always invite everyone attending to join us for dinner with Mary, usually at a local restaurant.

Onsite Stabling in a Stall - 1 night

Due to my business, Heart of Riding LLC, running the clinic this year, there will not be enough staff to clean guest horse stalls each day. This means a price reduction from previous years!

You will be expected to clean your horse's stall. Wheelbarrows, pitchforks, water bucket brushes and brooms will be available for your use. You may use a wheelbarrow to get fresh bedding from our bulk bedding area.

Please leave the stall as clean as you found it after your horse is finished using it at the end of the clinic, with water buckets emptied and all hay removed from the stall.

We WILL be able to feed your horse breakfast, dinner, and hay that you provide. If there is paddock availability, we can put your horse out/bring it in at breakfast and/or dinner.

If we are feeding your horse your grain, the horse will not be fed unless EACH MEAL is labeled separately with your horse's name and what day/feed it's for. Example: "Comet - Sat AM". Grain must be kept in our feed room. Hay may be kept outside your horse's stall.

Similarly, we cannot give your horse hay without written instructions for how much hay at what time (and where the hay is) you want your horse to have. A whiteboard in the feed room will be available for this purpose.

Auditor Ticket - 1 day

If you are not attending all three days, please note when you pay which day(s) you will be coming.

Auditing at Great Strides is a rewarding experience. Auditors are welcome to view the rides ringside or from inside the lounge, which is temperature-controlled and has three large windows looking directly into the indoor arena where all the action will be happening. If you choose to sit ringside, be sure to bring warm clothing/blankets. We will have plastic chairs available but you are free to bring your own if you prefer.

Mary will be wearing a mic so auditors and riders can hear her. Please save questions for the discussion period of the day (after lunch).

Great Strides is a smoke-free campus. Pets must be leashed at all times.

Audio or video taping of lessons is prohibited, unless it is at the rider's request, for the rider's personal use.

**Attendance all 3 days is highly recommended by Mary due to the nature of the specific language developed between coach and rider as the clinic progresses.**

Clinic Schedule for all 3 days:
9am - lesson 1
10am - lesson 2
11am - lesson 3
Noon - Lunch in the lounge
1pm - Discussion in the lounge
2pm - lesson 4
3pm - lesson 5
4pm - lesson 6

After lunch each day Mary will lead the Discussion, which will be held in the lounge (attached to indoor arena). Auditors and riders are encouraged to ask questions and participate in un-mounted exercises led by Mary.

Lunch is provided all 3 days of the clinic to all riders and auditors: chairs, soda/water/hot drinks, two or three entree choices with vegetable on the side and a dessert. Throughout the day coffee, tea, water and apples will be available for snacking. Please let me (Emily) know if you have any food allergy/preference.

The second night of the clinic we always invite everyone attending the clinic to join us for dinner with Mary, usually at a local restaurant.

Auditor Ticket - 3 days

For those who want to attend all three days, you get a discount.

This is absolutely the best way to experience a Ride With Your Mind clinic!

You get the language agreement on the first day, along with seeing where the horses and riders are starting.

You get to see the rider and horse make improvements and find their struggle points on the second day.

The third day you see a transformed horse and rider solidifying what works and discarding what doesn't.

The results are often unbelieveable - unless you've been watching the whole thing unfold over the course of the three days, and even then it's impressive!

Gift Certificate - CR Private at Great Strides

Give the gift of biomechanics with this Gift Certificate good for one lesson with Emily Osborne, RWYM Coach and owner of Heart of Riding, LLC.

Ride a school horse at Great Strides, a quiet, serene setting with spacious indoor and outdoor arenas, or trailer in and have the lesson on a privately owned horse. (Proof of negative current Coggins required in advance for trailer-ins.)