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"Sex With Your Light On" - Introducing Tantra: eBook

$ AUD15.00
Awakening your true sexual self is not about genital gratification or a new set of erotic tricks. It is transformation. It opens conscious awareness - and it can be accessed through the physical body. This easy-to-read booklet is for those who know that there is something more than our conditioned view of sex, and who yearn to connect with their depth, their love and their open-hearted power.
Learn the basic skills for ejaculation control for men, and the secrets to spreading orgasmic energy through the body without ejaculation. Discover how a woman can surrender to sweet orgasmic bliss, and also claim her full feminine power. Find out how Tantric principles can resolve some difficult relationship dynamics, both in and out of the bedroom.

"Sex With Your Light On", by Stephanie Phillips will be sent as a PDF along with your digital receipt.

Tantric Synergy Apprenticeship Program: 18 month Intensive

$ AUD335.00
$ AUD10.00 initial setup plus $ AUD335.00 per month for 18 months ($ AUD6040.00 total)
The complete journey, learning to craft the skills and magic that is Tantric Synergy.

This transformational program is a life-changer. It’s for men and women – for all those who know it’s time. It’s the framework to fully embody your wisdom and heart-centred power, creating your world anew.
It’s a rich immersion which supports you in shedding blocks and outmoded patterns, waking up a new world, and transforming your reality – with potency and bounteous possibilities.
It’s your own evolution, yes. And throughout the program, you’ll master the processes for facilitating others to shed the limiting stories, to wake up the orgasmic current that fuels the belly and the heart, to embody an extraordinary life. Work side by side with Stephanie in deep group immersions, through private sessions and via webinar. Draw on shamanic processes, activate sexual power and awaken the body’s innate wisdom.
This changes everything. Whether you become a Tantric Synergy facilitator, or if the apprenticeship is solely for your own path, this is a gift for yourself, your relationships, and for what you bring to the planet.

Two payment categories:

1. Groundwork
- Practitioner Trainings: Basic and Advanced
- 4 x Private sessions
- 5 x Monthly Webinars
- Home Assignments
- Accountability check-ins Total: $5675

2. Immersions
- 2 x Sacred Mysteries Workshops:
- 2 x Body Whisperer Experience courses:
- 1 x Orgasmic Alchemy residential retreat: Total: $3950

Total Apprenticeship Program:

Groundwork: $5,675 as a one-off sum or $335 per month for 18 months
Immersions: $3,950 made in 4 equal payments or as the Immersions occur over the course of the program.

* Contact us for a preliminary interview before proceeding with this purchase at: stephanie@tantricsynergy.com.au