Design Your Love Online Workshop

$ CAD25.00
What if you could design the way you love and how you want to be loved in return?

Join in an online workshop experience for both single & taken humans about designing your relationships. The most important relationship you have is with yourself, and that’s where we start on our journey - learning how to best honor yourself and why this is CRUCIAL for having healthy relationships with others. Then, learn how best to partner with others in a way that creates trust, safety and a cocoon of love to warm yourself in!

Who (should come?)
- Single people wanting to design an incredible relationship with themselves, first.
- Taken people who want to explore deep connection with themselves & their partner.
- Humans who are in poly or open relationships wanting to learn about honoring their values & integrity.
- Those who want to feel better every day about who they are & how they best give & receive love.

What does this workshop include?
- Learn a simple self-evaluation method to help discern your current love state.
- Decide what is important to you in a relationship and learn how to act on that with integrity.
- Learn to express your ideal preferences in a way that gets your relationship needs met.
- Guided instruction on designing your relationship with yourself, in a way that nurtures your relationships with others.
- How do I best give and receive love? Learn how to give others the kind of love they desire
- Get coaching, behavioral intelligence skills, and real-life advice on how to move forward.
- Leave with a workbook full of actionable ideas and tasks, a phone filled with new connections, and a brain full of new ideas!

What will you get?
- Your own Design Your Love instructional manual, with a relationship operations template included, designed to help you cement your learning & commitment to who you are.
- 2 1/2 hours of guided instruction on the topics above, enriched with conversation by your peers who were attending live.
- Fun exercises, focused instruction, and coaching facilitated by Danika.
- The ability to get your questions answered, even if you are watching the recording later.

Where (is it)?
Online - using Zoom, we will gather in an online workspace where we can be seen and heard.

When (is it?)
Wednesday, February 21st 6:30pm-8:30pm

Why (should you come?)
Love is like oxygen. Learn to open yourself up to a world of possibility that loving yourself first brings.

How to log in:

Once you purchase your online workshop ticket, you will be given a unique link to join the workshop at 6:30pm on February 21st. Click your unique link to log in and be ready to participate in the fun!

If you cannot make the date, don't worry. You will be provided with a link to the live workshop recording, and have the opportunity to ask me any questions you might have via email <3