Well Bath

Be Well New Years Bundle

In our lives we are often super busy both in mind and in action. We live in hyper adrenalised states and consider that to be our normal state of being. Until we hit the wall and it quickly becomes apparent something is not Thriving in us. At Well we can teach you how to gain mastery of our minds and thus lives. how to use our own movement, breathe and thoughts to create an oasis of Thriving stillness. from this place anything is possible, change what you don’t like, create and manifest your Thriving future, heal relationships, harness your 4trillion bit wellness supercomputer.

Facial acupuncture session (45mins value £60) upgrade to full 90 mins for £30
Prana Kriya breathwork session (60mins value £45)
One session of Five elements acupuncture (£45) or one session of structural integration (£70)
Hot Stone Chakra massage (45 mins value £45)
One months access to class programme (value £12 per class)
One “Life hacks” seminar (£25) Meditation hacks

TOTAL VALUE up to £485

Do Well New Years bundle

This bundle is for those who are already Well and simply want to do something with it. Health and Wellness experienced as a high functioning, balanced, graceful, intelligent body structure that can perform when called upon. Whether you want to climb a mountain, run a 10k, or learn parkour, we love it.
Let us help you excel at whatever you choose to do, mind and body. we have the expertise ….

Laser scanned body composition and thrive/structural evaluation (Value-£90)
Weekly (x4) one to one/semi private personal training sessions (£180)
One months access to class programme (value £12 per class)
One “Magic bullet- sports nutrition Life Hacks” seminar (£25)
One life hacks seminar (£25) ““How to put the 4 trillion bit supercomputer in charge of your training”

TOTAL VALUE up to £560

Get Well New Years Bundle

How about 2019 being the year that you resolve that your health improves? Whether it's aches and pains or desperation to avoid surgery, feeling like you are surviving rather than thriving, burdened physically or mentally rather than bouncing. Maybe you have never felt right since….
We have the January for you…. come and experience how quickly that can change. We select our therapies at Well for the profound effects they bring, not their superficial popularity.
Are you just surviving?

Thrive evaluation £90
One session of Structural Integration value £70
One session of Tui Na or one session of Five Elements acupuncture (value £45)
One months access to class programme (value £12 per class)
One “Life Hacks” seminar (£25) “How to put the 4 trillion bit supercomputer in charge of your healing”

TOTAL VALUE up to £470

January Acupuncture Offer.

5 Elements acupuncture system allows the practitioner to view each person within their own particular set of circumstances, how he or she relates to the world in both body and mind. The idea is to connect the person to their own innate healing abilities. After a thorough consultation, a course of treatment is designed to bring the individuals body and emotions into balance. Acupuncture can be useful in aiding recovery from specific ailments that result from dis-ease in body and mind.

6 session would usually cost £420, so you make a massive saving of £170.

Thrive -Sculpt

So you think you want to lose some weight? turns out what you really want is to like how your body looks better. When it looks better it works and feels better. It fits into clothes more comfortably and looks better in the mirror.
So how do you change your shape? We at Well know the secret...........
The first thing you need is to have a record of your shape to begin with... so you can see when your changing
Second you need to clear self sabotage blocks in your emotional nature (all relationships to food are emotional-think momma)
Then you need to start thinking of your digestive system as an ecosystem (gut biome) and only put things in it that will help it thrive.
Then you need to move......
This is what we will show you how to do. A combination of the latest laser scanning, online emo-clear programmes, semiprivate (small group) activity sessions, and seminars on nutrition, will put you back in charge of your body ....for good

The Gift certificate runs for 30 days from your first session: Which remember should be the THRIVE BEGINS appointment.
Thrive Begins private consultation & MUST be booked first (value £90)
x2 Laser body composition scans (before and after programme) (£70 each - value £140)
Weekly (x4) one to one/semi private personal training and wellness sessions (£180)
Weekly (x4) online Life hacks Workshop - Clearing Emotional viral loops around food (or how to lose weight by using EFT) (£100)
Access to our nutrition 101 life hacks session. in one hour you will learn the easiest path to losing body fat, the most common mistakes, how to be well whilst changing your shape. (£25)
One months access to class programme (£12 per class)

Total value (up to) £775

For just £30 EXTRA bolt-on a facial acupuncture session or a hot stone chakra massage ( look younger in less than an hour?) (rrp £70)

Thrive- De-stress

When life has become too much OW and not enough wow, its a sure sign that the iceberg that is stress is getting closer.
At Well we take a Body, Mind, Spirit approach to putting you back into the middle, grounding you, clearing your emotional viral loops, balancing your body, in fact we are experts in all the different forms of stress and how to clear them.
Were pretty good at it....
This is our kick start to life in the WOW and it comes highly recommended