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Reset and Renew Subscription

per month
The Reset and Renew subscription is intended for those who like the benefits of a monthly 75-minute bodywork session without having to get your wallet out at the end. Each month you can choose from Craniosacral Therapy, TMJ Relief, ZBnB (Zero Balancing and Biodynamics), or a Custom Blend (any modality just listed plus orthopedic massage, cupping, or reflexology).

Your credit card will be billed the day you sign up and on that day of each month until you cancel (if you start January 20, your next payment will be February 20). You receive an email with a button to schedule and a link to manage your subscription. If you miss a month, your appointment rolls over.

Six 45-Minute Sessions

When time is limited, buy six 45-minute sessions and save $10 each! Applies to Biodynamics, Zero Balancing, and Heavenly Head Massage sessions. Never expires. Schedule one of these sessions and pay for the package at the end.

Six 75-Minute Sessions

Get six 75-minute sessions and save $60. Good for Craniosacral Therapy, Custom Blend, ZBnB. Can do all the same modality or mix and match as you like. Can also be used for TMJ relief, but if your TMJ issues are moderate or long-lasting, I recommend starting with the TMJ Relief Program (5 sessions in 4 weeks) to create lasting change, and using this afterwards for an occasional TMJ touch-up. No expiration date. Schedule your first session and pay at the end.

TMJ Relief Program

This program is designed to guide you toward lasting relief from jaw pain caused by muscle tension. You'll schedule five 75-minute sessions over a 4-week period. Each session includes multiple modalities to release tension in your jaw muscles and to address posture and stress, which contribute to jaw pain. A follow-up email after each session provides tips for self-care to speed your recovery. Please schedule a free 30-minute TMJ Relief consultation first — it serves as an intake, and you can schedule the consultation and TMJ Relief session back to back and convert to the program within a few days to receive the $50 savings.

Gift Certificates

Heavenly Head Massage (45 minutes)

Heavenly Head Massage makes a lovely, thoughtful gift for a spouse or other family member, partner, friend, hostess, boss. Artful touch allows the cranial bones to release tension, allowing for better functioning of the brain and the cranial nerves (including the vagus "relax and heal" nerve that affects the organs). A special treat for those who love to have their head massaged, a session (or several) is great for headaches, relaxation, insomnia, the whole body-mind system, and all the senses. Regularly $75 — save $25 for a limited time.