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Mother's Day 2020

Discover Organic Facial

Spoil your mum with this amazing, organic, vegan-friendly facial that will leave her skin feeling hydrated, nourished & glowing.
As the aromatic aromas soothe her body and soul, she will relax into her treatment and sink into the couch.
Botanicals luxurious, organic, vegan-friendly, effective skincare products will be chosen for her skin type and any concerns she may have.
Your mum will be treated with deliciously aromatic essential oils and premium organic ingredients to brighten her skin and restore its natural moisture

Mother's Day Reflexology

Treat your Mum to a relaxing, rebalancing reflexology session!
Reflexology is an ancient, non-intrusive complementary health therapy, based on the theory that different points on the feet, lower leg, hands, face or ears correspond with different areas of the body and that any issues/problems in the body are mapped on the feet

Mother's Day £100

Spoil your Mum with this gift voucher!
Let her choose £100 treatments of her choice.

Mother's Day £25

Treat your Mum with this gift voucher!
Let her choose her favourite treatment.

Mother's Day Deluxe

Let your mum choose her own luxury treat from one of the following 60 minute treatments:
Aromatherapy Massage ~ Using oils blended especially for your mum, this full body massage will help soothe away her tensions and is a true treat for her mind, her body, and her spirit.
Ultra-relaxing facial ~ starting with a soothing back massage to relax and destress. Your mum is then treated to a divine facial using organic, vegan-friendly, premium professional aromatherapy products.
Reiki ~ suitable for all, Reiki works to balance the chakras in the body thereby enabling the body to heal itself, treating the person holistically – mind, body and spirit
Medi-Heel ~ Perfect for preparing feet for summer exposure. This pedicure is a winner in every sense of the word. It’s different, it’s innovative and most of all…it works!

Mother's Day Indulgent, signature LaStone Treatment

Possibly the best stone treatment ever!

Your mum will delight in the and relaxation she will experience whilst being massaged from top to toe with unique, renowned LaStone techniques.

This is one of those ‘other level’ treatments where you may feel a bit fuzzy afterwards – a lovely, warm, fuzzy feeling where you could happily curl up and have a snooze.

Mother's Day Mummies to be

Perfect for mums to be, this specially adapted Indian Head massage will gently ease away the tensions in the shoulders, neck, and scalp. Then follows a relaxing massage of the feet and lower legs, working on any aches and pains and assisting with the removal of any lymphatic congestion in that area.

Pure Indulgence

Imagine how great your mum will feel after 3 hours of pampering
This top to toe package includes:
Nourishing Manicure* ~ Reflex-pedi* ~ Full body Massage ~ Discover Organic Facial.

*clear polish or nails left bare.

Spoil your Mum!

Show your Mum how much you care with months of relaxation and pampering.
Your Mum can choose 6 x any 30 minute treatment of her choice!
Treatments can be taken simultaneously or on separate days

Treat your Mum

Let your mum choose her own luxury treat from one of the following 30 minute treatments:
Back Massage - This holistic back massage can be soothing or invigorating and can help soothe away the tensions and relieve stresses.
Serene Aromatic Back Massage ~ Melt away stress with this totally relaxing, aromatic experience.Using pre-blended, organic oils, the Serene Aromatic Back Massage gently targets the area of your body where we naturally hold onto physical stress.
Express facial - using professional skin-care products chosen especially for the client, this facial includes double cleanse, exfoliation, face, decollete and scalp massage.
Eyelash tint, eyebrow tint & shape - frame the face and open the eyes with this triple combination.

Mother's Day £50

Treat your Mum this mother's day with a voucher for her to indulge in some 'me-time'