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The Sovereign Soul Series

In these 3 powerful sessions, you'll build the foundation for a Soul-Powered Life, based on the gifts of your unique SoulPrint.

Session 1: IDENTIFY--going deeper into your Soul history to uncover significant other lifetimes plus important contracts/agreements you are fulfilling here. The Divine will reveal and deal with what needs to change for your greatest good.

Session 2: PURIFY--revealing and releasing your major types of energy/spiritual interference based on your SoulPrint. It's like standing under a healing waterfall, leaving you clean and clear as you've never felt before!

Session 3: FORTIFY--create psychic safety ANYWHERE and a stronger energetic presence! You'll establish your personal energy perimeter PLUS strong, resilient energy boundaries that are simple to maintain and highly effective in everyday life, so you can more fully receive what you truly desire AND more powerfully express who you truly are, from your SoulPrint Core Essence.