Dr. Therese Rowley


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Intuitive University Series 1 Pay-Per-View- 3 Part Series


Intuitive University Series 2 Pay-Per-View- 3 Part Series:


Lifetimes and Ancestors at the Table

If you have been experiencing unexpectedly high emotions, shifts or turns, especially sourced in the past, you are right on time. November has astrological influences that push the secrets up and the past forward for healing. Current challenges can be amplified by experiences in this life, by our ancestors’ unhealed wounds and by what some call “past lives”.

In this webinar, you receive:

• Discussion on the role of ancestors; the question of “past lives” and their influence; and what and how invisible forces impact us
• Guided meditation to meet an ancestor or other life to bring insight to current time
• Visualization that integrates diverse inner aspects of ourselves
• Intuitive Insight in response to questions regarding a family challenge
• Transmission of higher vibrational energy to anchor in the rich diversity of you

The Misdiagnosis of Gifted Children