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Conscious Leadership: The Next Level 

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Working on-purpose shapes and aligns you, your organization and the future. Fulfillment of purpose has everything to do with what you believe about yourself and others as you engage in innovative relationships and take action regarding new opportunities.

New leadership competencies require relational, emotional and intuitive intelligences to innovate from wisdom and form partnerships that are beneficial for all stakeholders.

Conscious Leadership Community

This mastermind class and community is for leaders who are committed to develop and align their personal, professional and spiritual lives and who advance society through their actions.

This intimate community experience supports and challenges members to live into their potential, both personally and professionally, by supporting and enlivening their intuitive connection and skillfully applying it.
It offers insight, approaches, tools and exercises that strengthen grounding, support genius and engage like-minded conscious leaders to apply learning and receive feedback. 
This community is a touchstone for deepening self-trust, validating intuitive knowing, innovating outside the margins and navigating through the unknowns of business life.

Method and Content

Before the first class, each leader receives a 20 minute intuitive reading to assure the topics covered are positioned to support the unique purpose of each participant.

Topics for the First Six Weeks
Grounding in chaos: staying the course
Relational intelligence: identifying and clarifying boundaries
Leadership role and responsibility: defined through the lens of purpose
Gnosis: cultivating relationship with conscious heart
Deep listening: communicating with coherence
Strategic visioning: enriching access to creative imagination
Although participants may be familiar with some of the concepts and materials, the application to present time will be revelatory. Participants apply the information and associated exercises to their work and personal life, layering these intrapersonal competencies and returning with feedback on results.
The Second Six Weeks

Members become a mastermind group whereby each participant has time to be in the enriched seat (vs. the hot seat) to present current challenges and receive feedback and insight from the community and me. Members continue exercises and practices from the first six weeks and learn from their outcomes. 


This experience is for conscious business leaders who know that they work on purpose and who are clear about their priority for personal and professional growth. It is for those who want to be in clear connection with their wisdom and truth on a daily basis.

Community Size

The community is limited to 8-10.


Members meet in person for 3 hours per month, from 9am-noon.
First meeting: May 9, 2016 from 7-8pm, downtown Chicago (TBD location). This meeting includes introductions and determination of the best timing for on-going meetings.
For those who cannot make this meeting in-person, please join us virtually. 


$1200/month ($7200 total)
$2400 up front 
Referral fee $300

Intuitive University Series 1 Pay-Per-View- 3 Part Series

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Intuitive University Series 2 Pay-Per-View- 3 Part Series:

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Parenting "Old Souls"

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Parenting Old Souls is a 12 week class and mastermind group for parents of children called “old souls.” These children are more intuitively aware than others and often more spiritually inclined than other children. The optimal care and nurturing of these children requires some understanding of their energetically sensitive systems and tools for helping them understand and care for themselves – from the soul level out. (see definition of “old soul” below)

This class offers a new way of perceiving and understanding your child, his/her purpose and how to support him/her. It also offers specific strategies for you, as parent, to navigate this often challenging journey.

The First Six Weeks:
During the first month, I will call each parent and provide a 20 minute intuitive reading on your old soul. This will help me to better understand and offer each parent some specific counsel and assure that relevant topics are covered in the class.
In the first six weeks, you receive new maps for understanding your child, including:
• What is an old soul and why are these children here now?
• What are your child’s unique gifts?
• What are intuitive preferences and what is your child’s intuitive intelligence?
• What special challenges accompany their gifts and how do you positively approach them?
• How do you support their gifts, intelligence and sensitivities to help them thrive?
• What exercises help with the different orientations of each old soul?
• What practices support you, as parent?
You receive an assessment for you and your child’s intuitive preference, a variety of tools, and helpful practices throughout the class.

The Second Six Weeks:

The class splits into two groups to accommodate 8 parents per group. Each group becomes a confidential community which applies approaches, tools and exercises. You bring feedback on results for you and your child and report progress in the relationship. Each parent has time to address his/her own challenges and his/her child’s challenges. The community offers each other feedback as requested and I also provide on-going counsel.

Meeting Format
We meet two times/month for two hours on Chicago’s near north side. Parents who live outside the area may join in virtually.

Other Support
Parent participants will have a private Facebook page to discuss challenges and solutions, or celebrate precious moments as they occur.

Class Size
The class is limited to 16 participants.

Introductory meeting: Monday, 5/2/16 at 7-8pm (Future dates TBD based on participant’s schedules)

What is an “old soul”?
A child referred to as "an old soul" is unusually mature, (often noted as “very mature” by teachers); very sensitive to others’ feelings; uncommonly aware of the elements of fair play and justice – from personal situation to world affairs; unusually quick or bright; sometimes impatient; and/or the one others go to when they have challenges. Old souls may or may not have been diagnosed with a learning disorder. They often do not respond well to medication.

Fee and payment methods
$935/month (Total $5610)
$5335 up front
Referral Program: Sign up another parent for this class, receive a $250 referral or a one hour reading with me.
Pay It Forward Program: For every parent that signs up for this class, I will give one 45 minute reading to a family in need or to someone you refer.
Methods of payment include:
• Check
• Paypal
• ChaseQuickPay
• Credit card

The Misdiagnosis of Gifted Children

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