Eternal Balance

Online Healing Session

We are all part of the energetic web and share a connection. We can help each other through prayer or more specific energetic practices. I use my training as a Reiki Master and kundalini yoga practitioner to send healing energy to you for your highest healing good.

Please email me a recent picture of yourself for this session. It makes it easier for me to connect to you when I'm able to look at the picture.

In addition to the actual healing, you will also receive a video message from me of any insights I gleaned from doing the session. These might include where the energy in you might not be at its strongest, any spiritual messages that might come, and any actions you might take yourself to keep yourself healthy and happy. We can also do the feedback session in real time with Skype, Facetime, or Zoom.

Tarot Reading

About half hour Tarot Reading that can be about a specific question or about general influences in your life. Calendar reading for the whole year is also an option. We can also follow up if you have questions after the reading.

You will receive a video recording of the reading, together with a picture of the reading and cards.
I use Rider-Waite deck for it's direct, universal messages.