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6 sessions - 6 week Priority

Priority Package is designed to help you through the most urgent and important issues you absolutely need to deal with now. Whether you choose 6 weeks or 6 sessions the timing is up to you. We will have 6 hourly sessions over the period of time you find convinient and most benefitial for your progress and success. When you book within a day of your discovery session the cost of it will be credited to this package! As an additional bonus use code 'Happy15' to get a 15% off your Priority package! Enjoy!

3 Months - Lasting Change

£125.00 initial setup plus £275.00 per month for 3 months (£950.00 total)
Lasting Change - Twelve Sessions plus a bonus or follow up session scheduled at agreed time - three months or longer will allow your to work towards deep understanding of self and lasting results.

6 Months - Ultimate Success (Copy)

£190.00 initial setup plus £240.00 per month for 6 months (£1,630.00 total)
I will help you to inspect and turn around all areas of your life that don't serve you in a positive empowering way, find your true self and live authentic and fulfilled life, overcome deeply entrenched patterns that keep you away from your true destiny. Over the course of six months we will have up to eighteen sessions, plus a bonus one, together to work deeply on every single issue that needs it. We will have three appointments per month and in case we did not unused ones will be rolling over to the next month. With a bonus appointment in a time set up by us towards the completion of our journey.

The Coaching Foundation Training

This is an individual training course - during 12 or less one-on-one sessions depending on your own speed and your own calendar demands you will learn all the basics of the coaching business. After completing this course you will have a firm understanding of most major strategies and instruments to resolve your own life questions and coach other people. The motto of this coaching program is on the Certificate of Achievement: "You cannot teach a man anything you can only help him find it within himself". - Galileo Galilei
Contact me for current promotions and individual financial needs questions.

Magic of Feelings Online Course

Практический Онлайн Курс по работе с эмоциями. На этом курсе участницы смогут поработать с упражнениями и техниками работы с чувствами, освобождающими их для творческой и полноценной жизни, движения вперед и проживания незабываемых моментов жизни с наслаждением и спокойствием. Работа в закрытой группе поддержке, с ежедневными отчетами и обратной связью от ведущих курса и других участниц.

Курс "Магия Чувств" для заочного изучения -

Запись 6 занятий курса Магия Чувств для самостоятельной работы. Предлагается практика всех упражненияй курса и ведение личного журнала.
Вы получите неограниченный доступ к каждому видео занятию курса без обратной связи от ведущих и без группы поддержки онлайн.

Рассрочка Магия Чувств 1


Рассрочка Магия Чувств 2