Gift Certificates

GIFT! Attraction Point Audit

An Attraction Point Audit identifies the primary negative emotions that you are carrying around as a "theme" in your life and which is attracting to you any number of undesired outcomes. Sometimes awareness alone can shift your perceived reality. You are taking the first step towards a shift in your reality and a truly deliberate step towards creating your life as you desire it to be. (To continue shifting your reality, consider the Freedom Formula Package.)

GIFT! Intuitive/Mediumship Reading

An Intuitive Reading Can Get You Back On Track!
Samantha offers readings that drill down to the core issues affecting your personal life and career.
With great care and profound insight, together we can help you understand what is taking place around you. With assistance from your personal guides, she can deliver the information you need now to make the best decisions for your life and to give you the likely outcomes to those decisions.

GIFT! Tarot Reading - 12-Month Calendar - Start Anytime!

This is a full Tarot reading using the 12 Months of the Calendar offering a snapshot of your year ahead. Examining all the cards together provides for a theme for your upcoming year. Great gift idea for the person who has everything and for yourself.