a. The Kick Starter

$ CAD499.00
You have an idea in your head but don’t know where to start to create your online course. You have questions: Where do I start? How much do I include? Do I need handouts? How do I make them? How do I get it all online?

If you have questions and need someone to steer you in the right direction, this is for you. We’ll talk on SKYPE, we’ll review your ideas, we’ll craft an outline of what you need to do NOW to get started.
Includes a Skype call, and 90 minutes of my time working on your materials.

b. The Cut and Polish

$ CAD999.00
Your course is done! But, you want a professional eye to review for consistency, grammar, look and feel. I’ll go through your whole course, and make suggestions. I’ll give you confidence in your course so you can publish with pride!

Includes grammar and spelling review, lesson consistency, graphic consistency, and suggestions on how to give it a polish. I’ll even show you where you can cut out some repetition and fine-tune the message.

c. The Retainer

$ CAD1999.00
This is an introductory offer. You have content, you have an audience, you don’t have time to do it yourself. Hand over the parts you don’t want to do, and free your time up for doing the things you love.

Includes 10 Hours of course creation help.

1 month of eMail questions, replies within 24hrs (probably quicker)
Anything online course related! Graphics, writing, photography, editing, instructional design

Need more time? Just top up!

Reminder Bracelet

$ CAD29.00
"Intricate, but simple. Like many things in life."

Match a ring and bracelet together for a double-reminder!

This beautiful bracelet acts as a reminder for anything you need reminding for. I use it to remind myself to not make life so complicated. Every solution comes from fitting small pieces together until it is complete!

Reminder Ring

$ CAD15.00
"Intricate, but simple. Like many things in life."

We often make things more complicated than they are. These simple chain rings are a perfect reminder that life can look complicated, but when you take many small pieces and put them together, with time and patience, beautiful things emerge!

Things that look complicated are often quite simple.