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Coaching Packages

Mind/Body Reset Package

Shifting old patterns of thought, feelings, or behavior is HARD and time-consuming... unless you have a coach walking you through, it takes months or even YEARS for most people.

To fully engage a shift in your life, you need to reset 3 levels of awareness:
Energetic (Nervous System)

Breaking limited loops of thought, emotion, and physical sensation, and replacing them with your goals and intentions amps up the process of personal transformation to hyperspeed.

You can engage a shift into a victorious mindset, clear emotional processing, and a calm/confident nervous system rapidly, using my unique process which includes Hypnosis, EFT - Emotional Freedom Tapping, and DNA Activation.

This package includes:
1 Victorious Mindset Hypnosis Session
1 Emotional Freedom Tapping Session
1 DNA Activation and Clearing Session
4x 15min Spot Coaching Sessions

Isn't it time you stopped pushing through on your own, and surrendered to your Soul?

The Victorious Mind - 12 Months of Transformative Coaching


Money Healing

Money Goddess MagicMind

The Money Reiki MagicMind...
is an EXPERIENCE, a support network, a lifestyle.


Your money energy is a combination of thoughts, emotions, and energetic programming. Most of you have excellent thoughts and emotions about money, but your vibrational money patterns are unbalanced or downright damaging.

FromMay 4 to June 16, you will receive powerful energy healing called Money Reiki.

Money Reiki is an advanced form of Reiki that was created and channeled specifically to heal money energies on the personal and collective levels.

During this 6 week "MagicMind" we will combine the best parts of group energy healing programs with the concept of a supportive "Mastermind" of women who are individually working towards a common goal of financial freedom and blessing to the world.

Goal-setting, Action steps, Magical energy rituals, and your very own Accountability Buddy will keep you on track in the real world, while daily Money Reiki healing sessions will transform your money patterns from "broke" to Divinely Prosperous!

This is not a course, and there is nothing to learn.

This is a healing hive-mind of Divinely Abundant sisters.

We are here to support each other in revealing our worth, our wealth, OUR VALUE.

Reiki Packages

Usui Reiki Package

Usui Reiki I, II, and III/Master level courses. Everything you need to become a Reiki Master.