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Mentoring - OLD PRICE

per month

Money Reiki Session

60 minute Distant Reiki Session.

Money Reiki is a system of Reiki that was given to humanity to heal the negative energies around money and heal our relationship with our finances so that Divine Wealth can have an influence on the planet.

Regardless your situation, Money Reiki can improve your income, heal your debt, and free you from negative or draining energies around money and finances.

Angelic Healing

60 minute Distant Energy Session

Within 24 hours (48 on U.S. Weekends) you will receive an email notification that your Angelic Healing Session is ready for you to access, along with any recommendations and instructions from the Angels.

Energy healing with the Angels takes place outside of the dimensions of time and space. That means, I can work with the Angels at a time that is wonderful for me, and you can "pick up" the session at a time and place of your convenience.

In addition, each session can be received multiple times, simply by repeating the intention process to activate and access your healing session.


Year of Miracles

12 Month Mentoring Program

Year of Miracles (Payment Plan

per month for 12 months ($12000.00 total)
12 Month Mentoring Program