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4 Month Subscription

$20.00 initial setup plus $200.00 per month for 4 months ($820.00 total)
The 4 month subscription supports those who would enjoy profound healing and expansive growth.

This 4 month journey is meant to support those who are ready to create beautiful change in their life.

One session a month will be devoted to supporting normal life experiences, and the second session in the month will be devoted to the growth of your soul.

The Soul longs for inner joy and freedom only to be found by looking within.

6 Month Subscription

$20.00 initial setup plus $100.00 per month for 6 months ($620.00 total)
Could you use a routinely check up? To help you ground, become more connected with your self, with your spirit?
Want to relax and heal and feel more aligned in your body?

That is why I am here. I want to support you on a long term level. I want to see you grow, nourish, and flourish.

For a 6 month subscription you will receive 1 hour of Healing each month thru either a Psychic Reading or a more hands on healing approach.

You may add in additional sessions/hours each month at an honorary membership rate of $100 for each addt'l hour of service, with the option of one roll over during the 6 month period.

The gift is yours to have....each beautiful month.

This can be done in person or Long Distance.

MotherShip OverBoard


Awakened Goddess

per month for 12 months ($720.00 total)
This is a beautiful journey of enriching your life with the energy of Goddesses and their spiritual offerings.
We meet Friday evening a month for 12 months.
Once you join into the circle there will be a 12 month commitment (it is okay to miss a class or a 2).
There are no refunds after Dec 5th.

Longmont Goddess and Daughters Gathering


Longmont Goddess Gathering


Men's Pre-Registration


Gift Certificate

Offer the gift of healing to a friend, spouse, child, loved one!

Psychic School 101

Long Distance Psychic School 101

per month for 12 months ($1800.00 total)
There is a 1 month grace period and after 30 days there is a 1 year long commitment to your growth, spiritual education, and financial obligation to the school.

Psychic School Pre-Registration Deposit


One-on-One Psychic Apprenticeship

$20.00 initial setup plus $1250.00 per month for 9 months ($11270.00 total)