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Biotoxin Breakthrough Course

These videos cover "everything" that you need to know to rebuild your health.
They are short and topic specific- because, hello brain fog.
1) Eliminate
2) Support
3) Exterminate
4) Rebuild
They will jumpstart your healing from CIRS (toxic mould disease) and tick borne diseases
They tell you what to do and why, so that you can heal.
They don't cover prescriptions (legally I need to do that for you) but they're the perfect adjunct to working with a LLND or LLMD or trying to treat yourself with books and online protocols.

Biotoxin Breakthrough Method

A$329.00 initial setup plus A$170.00 per month for 6 months (A$1,349.00 total)
Are you ready to rebuild your health from a Biotoxin Illness?

You might also have a side serve of parasites, viruses, heavy metals and histamine issues.

If you have CIRS or a Tick Borne Disease and you're ready to work with an expert using proven natural methods to rebuild your health with full support and a customised treatment protocol.

For an initial Initial investment of $499 you get:
1x Initial appointment (rrp $360)
Lifetime access to the Biotoxin Breakthrough Course (rrp $499)
Unlimited Q&A in our private Facebook group (rrp $20 per private email)

Ongoing monthly investment $170:
Monthly private 1:1 prescribing and progress appointment each month when you need them (usually every 3 weeks)
Unlimited Q&A in our private Facebook group (rrp $20/ private email)

The Biotoxin Breakthrough Method
It's perfect for you if you've seen a lot of doctors and you're hesitant to make a long term commitment without seeing some results first.

Simply pay by the month and cancel anytime. You can still use any of your unused appointments and you get lifetime access to the Biotoxin Breakthrough Course.