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Site Subscription

per month
The monthly TPAPT subscription was designed to help independent educational consultants such as tutors, college planners, and educationally focused community groups.

It includes access to our complete Knowledge Base as well as our small-but-mighty tutoring request search tool: GigFinder.

Academic Operations

SAT / ACT Short-Class Implementation Guide

Running bootcamps is not difficult but running them well can be challenging. We'll help you modify your SAT or ACT tutoring schedule or use our syllabus to implement short courses, bootcamps, or weekend-only workshops.

The bootcamp kit includes an implementation guide which discusses short class best practices, session order and length, and student contact hour guidelines.

For more information: teach@testprepprofessionals.com

Tutor Candidate Funnel - SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, DAT/OAT, LSAT (monthly)

per month
Never worry about finding qualified tutoring candidates again.
We source and refer candidates based on your criteria.

There is no limit to the number of candidate referrals each month. We use your criteria to source through our proprietary candidate search process. Candidate forms are then forwarded to you.

For more information: teach@testprepprofessionals.com

SAT / ACT Tutor Certification Training

Over 30 hours of content & strategy training for tutoring candidates or for veteran cross-training.

Remotely administered by a TPAPT master tutor.


• Comprehensive review of SAT & ACT content
• Sequenced curriculum
• Question types & tactics
• Administrative dashboard
• Formal readiness assessment & certification
* Group pricing is available

For more information: teach@testprepprofessionals.com

SAT / ACT Tutor Development & Retention Training

Managing turnover is critical for service based businesses like tutoring and admissions consulting. Although turnover % may never be "0," it can be proactively managed and reduced.

Our Development & Retention program includes

• Weekly mentoring calls
• Role review & development
• Review of intake-process & training
• Incentive planning
• Feedback delivery guidance and annual review writing

For more information: teach@testprepprofessionals.com


Facebook/Instagram - Managed Marketing

$99.00 initial setup plus $199.00 per month
Nearly half all smartphone users are checking their Facebook account several times a day. Facebook reaches 76% of teens in the United States. The amount of data Facebook has on each user, gives one unparalleled customer profiling potential as well.

Facebook Marketing Setup Service Includes:

• Monthly campaign planning
• Content and content oversight
• Ad campaign planning and implementation
• Monthly debrief, review, next steps planning

For more information: info@testprepprofessionals.com

Email - Managed Marketing

$199.00 initial setup plus $199.00 per month
The Marketing Autopilot (MAP) is an agile email automation system built specifically for independent educational consultants. The automation generates referrals, new clients, testimonials, and web reviews. From there, we add the content which includes: strategic messaging, discounting, and drip campaigns.

How it works:

• 30 minute strategic planning call
• We create an email deployment schedule
• You see the results via administrative dashboard


• Live dashboard
• Drip campaigns
• Creative design
• Guaranteed outcomes

For more information: info@testprepprofessionals.com

YouTube - Managed Marketing

$199.00 initial setup plus $249.00 per month

• Campaign set up
• Audience targeting
• Strategic planning and production of creative
• SEO management

For more information: info@testprepprofessionals.com

Private Label Tutoring & Admissions Tools

Private Label - Guidance Counselor "Leave Behinds"

This month's "leave behind" template is:

• Vertically oriented, 2 column infographic.
• Branded with your logo & color palette.
• Shared through Google Drive, Box, Drop Box
• We'll need your company logo as a .JPG or .GIF file.

Private Label SAT & ACT Web Prep - Phone/Table/Laptop - (5 licenses, 12 month subscription)

per year
This is a Web Based Self-Study platform which includes 3500 original practice questions, a structured curriculum, lesson plans, worksheets, and full length SAT & ACT practice tests.

The LMS has been used for over 10 years with score improvement data based on a sample-size of o >100,000 test takers.


• Branded with your logo/company information
• Personalized learning plan for each student
• Short high-yield lessons
• Full explanations in written, audio, video formats
• Administrative tools / dashboard / crm
• Smart phone, tablet, laptop optimized
• 12 month subscription
• Access to both the SAT program and the ACT program
• 5 license minimum @ $79 ea

After registering, we'll contact you to set a short training call. Account access is typically granted within 24 hours.

For more information: info@testprepprofessionals.com

Private Label - ACT vs. SAT Mini-Diagnostic (annually)

per year
This is a potential "difference-maker" in the event-heavy education market place. The SAT vs. ACT Diagnostic test takes 60 minutes and has been designed for use during free consultations or after student intake.


• Updated to reflect current versions of the SAT & the ACT
• Clear and concise user's guide
• Unlimited use for 12 months

For more information: info@testprepprofessionals.com

Private Label - SAT / ACT Test Scoring (300 reports annually)

per year
Score SAT & ACT tests in real time and forward test results as a .pdf to students and parents the same day!

ScoreItNow! features:

• Highly detailed item analysis score reports 100% branded with your company logo and information.
• Easy to access administrative panel to keep track of students and scores.
• Real time access to score and send score reports as .PDF documents.
• 300 reports / year

For more information: info@testprepprofessionals.com

Private Label - SAT/ACT Workbooks ( 10 student, 1 instructor)

Highly regarded SAT Tutoring/Test Prep Class Kit. Built using a "growth mindset" pedagogy.

• Ties in with The Official SAT Guide and the Official ACT Guide.
• Includes 10 student books and 1 teaching guide.
• Branded with your school or organization's logo.

For more information: info@testprepprofessionals.com

Private Label - Summer STEM Camp - Comprehensive Program

TPAPT offers engaging, project-based learning programs for your after-school program or community education class.

Our end-to-end STEM camp options feature 5 and 10 hour options. Detailed lesson plans with minute-to-minute class planning guidelines are also included. Students should have access to a laptop with an ideal teacher:student ratio of 2:1.

For more information: teach@testprepprofessionals.com