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Score It Now - Branded SAT, ACT Score Reports

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• 100% branded with you logo.
• Pricing is $5 per-test, no minimum.
• Score tests on your laptop or computer, as needed through our test scoring portal.
• Reports appear in your dashboard and may be downloaded immediately.
• Score reports include a proprietary item-analysis feedback report as well as detailed question taxonomy.

Request a Demo: info@testprepprofessionals.com

*Set up fee is $50 billed separately

SAT vs. ACT Infographic - White Label

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• Vertically oriented, 2 column infographic derived from a deep dive into the test-makers' websites
• Branded with your logo & color palette
• Same day delivery of .pdf, .jpg or .png file

After registering, TPP will contact you to obtain image file and coordinate file delivery.

Quick Video Production

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Add video to your tutoring or college prep website. Simple and short brand-awareness videos, same day production.
See a sample: https://youtu.be/3_oEVAKG950

Tutoring & Admissions Administrative Forms

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General administrative forms for Test Prep, Tutoring, and Admissions Counseling firms. Detailed and informed by our proprietary documents. We'll brand these with your logo. You will have ownership of the branded templates.

*The price is per template.

Choose one from the following:

a) Terms of service agreement
b) Enrollment agreement
c) Client agreement
d) Non-compete agreement
e) Non-disclosure agreement
f) Lead / Inquiry forms

White Label ACT vs. SAT Mini Diagnostic - White Label - 10 Tests

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Our SAT vs. ACT Diagnostic is deal for a personal consultations or for use a community event.

This short exam is 60 minutes in length, includes a qualitative survey, and is designed for early stage test-prep planning.


• 100% branded for you
• Test booklet is delivered as a pdf file
• Booklet is 24 pages and includes 60 Minute SAT vs. ACT Diagnostic, Student Survey, and Scoring Instructions.

See a Sample: http://bit.ly/2lcTrwN

Test Prep High School Event - Boiler Plates

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Professional, clean, comprehensive presentation template with implementation guide, presenter notes. Features:

• Branded with your company logo and palatte.
• Choose from the "Titles" below.
• We'll forward your presentation (s) within 24 hours via email or drop box.
• Follow up phone support


• Implementation Guide
• Slide Deck
• 15 Minute TPP Presenter Training Included


a) US College Admissions Timeline
b) Applying to College
c) College Admissions: Creating a competitive application
d) New SAT vs. ACT. Which Test is Best?
e) Understanding Your PSAT Scores
f) Understanding Your SAT Scores
g) Understanding Your ACT Scores
h) Free SAT or ACT Practice Test
i) Train the Trainer - In Service Training for Guidance Staff

After registering, TPP will contact you to obtain art and coordinate delivery

White Label SAT / ACT Student Workbooks - 10 Student Kits

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Written by tutors for tutors. We take your logo and put it on the cover of our SAT or ACT Student Workbooks.

Our workbooks orient students and instructors to what is know as the "Growth Mindset." The content covers, lessons, strategies, practice, and review. We've also broken down how to offer as 1:1, small group, or class based options in our syllabus.


• Each kit includes 10 Student Workbooks plus one Instructors Guide
• 185+ page high yield workbook with test primer, original sample questions, and test prep strategies.
• Fully aligned with The College Board's Official SAT Study Guide or/and The Real ACT Prep Guide.
• Companion Teaching Guide has notes, sample problem solutions, and practice reference.
• Product Orientation
• Free shipping with 12 day advance notice
• Available to print locally as well

Add-ons which sometimes make sense

• Test Scoring: Score It Now! $3 Per Test.
• Tutor Certification Program

*MA sales tax applies to the books (6%)

SAT / ACT Instructor Guide

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The folks with whom we work typically use a Big Box retail test prep guide in concert with either the SAT Blue Book or the ACT Red Book. Our Teaching Guide works with our Student Workbook and either the ACT Red Book or SAT Blue Book.


• 185+ page workbook with test primer and original sample questions with answers
• Lesson notes & practice question solutions
• Overview of sections, questions types, and relevant strategies
• Aligned with The College Board's Official SAT Study Guide or/and The Real ACT Prep Guide

Request a Demo: info@testprepprofessionals.com


*Pricing is per book
*Must initially be ordered in conjunction with student workbooks (minimum order 10 student)
*MA sales tax applies (6%)

SAT, ACT Syllabus & Lesson Maps

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Designed to help a tutor transition to small group or class based test prep and vice-versa.

Our guide will help integrate your current content, homework, and lesson topics into a format for small and large groups.


• 6, 12, 18 hours program outlines
• Syllabus for ACT or SAT

After registering, TPP will contact you to obtain art and coordinate delivery

White Label - STEAM Programs

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TPAPT offers engaging, project-based K-8 learning programs for your after-school program, camp or school. Our end-to-end STEAM programs provide lesson plans and minute-by-minute class planning guidelines.

Sneak Peak Link: http://bit.ly/2toV5jj

Each program is a fully planned, minute-by-minute, academic program ready for your teachers to implement.

Contact Us: teach@testprepprofessionals.com

Test Prep Professionals Tutor Meet Up

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Test Prep & Tutoring Professionals is pleased to be hosting a training & development conference for Independent Educational Consultants, Tutors, and Test Prep enthusiasts.

We've designed the meeting to emulate a corporate off-site. There will be an emphasis on networking, industry best-practices, leadership development, and creating practical take-aways.

Our members include start-ups, venture enterprises, owner-operators, and independent educators (tutors, counselors).

We're hosting a free Tutor Meet Up, July 20th from 4pm-6pm at the George Sherman Union. Come to meet other tutors or ask general questions from some of the countries elite boutique tutoring firm owners.

SAT or ACT Instructor Training Anytime - Self Paced

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Ideal for subject-tutors looking to expand into SAT & ACT Test Prep.


• Comprehensive content review based on our proprietary "Training Anytime" Learning Management System.
• Specific Class Curriculum
• Concept & Strategy Review

After purchasing, we'll reach out to enable your account access and explain the training process.

SAT or ACT Comprehensive Instructor Training

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Over 35 hours content training for tutors or teachers interested in transitioning to test prep.

May also be good for those folks interested in expanding their current knowledge base.


• Access to ACT/SAT eLearning Platform
• Access to ACT/SAT Content Review Videos
• Access to thousands of practice questions
• Learning Management System
• Study Plan Generator
• Administrative Dashboard to track progress
• Ninety minutes of Live Online training with a TPAPT Master Tutor
• Review of test, question types, strategies
• Participant Teaching Assessment
• Certification pending successful completion
*Ask about group pricing

After registering, TPP will contact you to obtain trainee information and schedule training plan.

Group pricing is available.

Members of www.testprepprofessionals.com receive a 10% Discount.

ACT/SAT Self Study Program - 10 Licenses

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The TPAPT Learning Management System provides practice tests, lesson videos, and a dynamic tutor-to-student portal.

Features include: Personalized Learning Plan, Progress Reporting, Organizational Dashboard, and Thousands of SAT or ACT questions for practice. It is Mobile friendly and ready to go.

We'll need the student's name & email address, That's it. Students can start prepping within 24 hours.

Access: 12 months
Accounts: 10

After registering, we'll contact you to set a short training call. Account access is typically granted within 24 hours.

White Label Options available: info@testprepprofessionals.com

Business ROI Calculator

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Determining the Return on Investment (ROI) of running classroom test prep is critical to one's business decision-making.

We have developed a tool to help you make quantifiable business decisions. Simply plug in the relevant costs and the tool auto-calculates the break-even point and the profitability margin.

*This tool is free to testprepprofessionals.com - Premium Members

Follow this link to register: http://goo.gl/MXhXCs

Marketing Autopilot - Automated CRM

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Marketing one's tutoring or admissions business is most successful when that marketing is based upon client referrals.

Building a referral network is easy for some and more difficult for others. Managing that referral network can be time consuming.

With that in mind, we've developed a product that allows small companies a way to add a fully functional email drip from the perspective of a full year marketing plan.

We call it the Marketing Autopilot. The Autopilot generates referrals, new clients, testimonials, and even manages net promoter score.

We can set it up in 15 minutes and the outcomes are guaranteed. All that is needed is an email list of 300 persons and about 15 minutes of time.

Marketing Auto-pilot

• Live Dashboard access to see real time results
• A proprietary algorithm that responds to user behavior
• The ability to manage one's email client list through a quick and easy Email CRM
• 10 Outcomes/Month Guaranteed with list sizes > 300
• Fees are charged monthly, You decide the duration of use.

Marketing Autopilot Deluxe - Now Guaranteed

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The time it takes for an owner-operator to contemplate, draft, and Technology is such that TPP can now run some of the more high ROI marketing tactics directly for our clients.

With that in mind, we've developed a product that allows small companies to add a fully functional, Tutoring/IEC based CRM. We call it the Marketing Autopilot because you essentially turn it on and let it work for you.

The Autopilot builds referrals, adds new clients, and proactively helps to manage your brand's Net Promoter Score.


• Dashboard access for real time analysis
• Email Drip Marketing Based on TPP's Quarterly / Monthly Plans
• Easy-to-use Client List Management
• A hands-off process: TPP manages either with you or for you.


• Campaign & incentive recommendations, oversight
• Coordination and alignment with your Facebook Page
• Coordination and alignment with your other Social Media (YELP)
• Assistance with your Blog Content
• Behavior based Email Blasts & List Management through the TPP Autopilot
• Marketing Dashboard
• Weekly strategic call (15 min)
• 15 Guaranteed Outcomes/Month with mailing lists of > 350
• On-Demand Support 9am - 8pm EDT. Mon-Sat.
• Fees are charged monthly, You decide the duration of use.

After enrolling in this product, you will be asked to schedule a preliminary call during which we will discuss any specific needs or areas of focus for your company.

Tutor Retention Training Program - Enterprise Service

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Managing turnover is important as one scales for growth. Although turnover will never be zero, it can be proactively managed to the benefit of one's clients and by association, one's brand.

The TPP Tutor Retention Program will educate you on the cost of turn-over and help you to identify, develop, and retain talented individuals.

Included in our program:

• Human Resource Process and Procedural Review
• Employee Engagement Survey (if applicable)
• Supplemental Forms from our Administrative Forms Bank
• Staff Development Process
• Staff Review Forms, Procedure
• Staff Compensation Program
• Sourcing

Implementation Guide - How to Market to High Schools

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High school counselors are arguably over-solicited yet larger companies are often able to network and run programs through local schools. If you'd like the inside scoop, we can help.

We'll equip you with the tools and tactics you need to understand the high school ecosystem and to effectively network with school administrators.


• Understanding the high school ecosystem white-paper
• Marketing tools & templates
• Presenter training
• Free SAT/ACT event slide decks
• Email campaign schedule
• Program offerings (classes or/and tutoring)
• Pricing recommendations
• Decision - maker meeting preparation

*testprepprofessionals.com community members received $100 discount.

College Admissions Counseling Program - White Label

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Ever thought about adding College Advising as a fee-based service? TPP's College Admissions Consulting Program has everything one needs to implement a College Advising service.

The College Admissions Consulting program can be used as a stand-alone program or as a complement to related programming such as Tutoring, Test Preparation, or Financial Aid Planning.

The TPP College Admissions Program Includes:

• Student Workbook - branded for you
• Step-by-step curriculum
• Student/ Instructor Syllabus
• Self-study Test Prep w/ Personal Learning Plan, Administrative Dashboard.

We'll help you get started with a clear and sequential Implementation Guide & Training which includes:

• 60 minute Live Online Training each week (four total).
• Product definition, descriptions, value propositions
• Pricing guide
• Product segmentation guide
• Detailed 6 month marketing calendar

Schedule a Demo: info@testprepprofessionals.com