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Academic Operations

Tutor Sourcing

We source, screen, and refer candidates based on your recruiting criteria. There is no limit to the number of referrals.

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Training Anytime SAT / ACT Tutor Certification Training

Over 30 hours of content training for tutors or teachers interested in transitioning to test prep.


• Comprehensive Review of Both SAT & ACT Strategies
• Sequenced Curriculum
• Question Types & Tactics
• Administrative Dashboard
• Formal Readiness Assessment

* Group pricing is available.

SAT/ACT Tutor Development & Retention Program

Managing turnover is critical for service based businesses like tutoring and admissions consulting. Although turnover may never be "0," it can be proactively managed.

Our Development & Retention program includes continuing education, role development, and incentive planning.

ScoreItNow! Private Label - SAT / ACT Test Scoring - LMS

$5.00 initial setup plus $179.00 per year
Through ScoreItNow! you can score SAT & ACT tests on your in real time and forward test results in the form of a .pdf to students and parents.

ScoreItNow! features:

• Highly detailed item analysis score reports 100% branded for you.
• Easy to access administrative panel to keep track of students and scores.
• Real time access to score and send score reports as .PDF documents.

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Private Label SAT / ACT Instructor Guide

The folks with whom we work typically use a Big Box retail test prep guide in concert with either the SAT Blue Book or the ACT Red Book. Our Teaching Guide works best with our Student Guide plus the SAT Blue Book or the ACT Red Book.


• 185+ page workbook with test primer and original sample questions with answers
• Lesson notes & practice question solutions
• Overview of sections, questions types, and relevant strategies
• Aligned with The College Board's Official SAT Study Guide or/and The Real ACT Prep Guide

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*Pricing is per book
*MA sales tax applies to the books (6%).
**A shipping expense may apply

Private Label SAT / ACT Student Workbooks + Instructor Guide

Written by tutors for tutors using "Growth Mindset" pedagogy.

We take your logo and put it on the cover of our SAT or ACT Student Workbooks.

The content covers, lessons, strategies, practice, and review. We've also broken down how to offer as 1:1, small group, or class based options in our syllabus.


• Each kit includes 10 Student Workbooks plus 1 Instructor Guide
• 185+ page high yield workbook with test primer, original sample questions, and test prep strategies.
• Fully aligned with The College Board's Official SAT Study Guide or/and The Real ACT Prep Guide.
• Companion Instructor Guide has notes, sample problem solutions, and practice reference.
• Shared digitally

*MA sales tax applies to the books (6%).
**A shipping expense may apply

Private Label - ACT vs. SAT Diagnostic - 1 Year Subscription

per year
This is a potential "difference-maker" in the event-heavy education market place. The SAT vs. ACT Diagnostic test takes 60 minutes and has been designed for use in early-stage student planning.


• Updated to reflect current versions of the SAT & the ACT
• Clear and concise user's guide
• Delivered as .pdf file
• Unlimited use for 12 months

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STEAM Programs for Grades 3 -7 - White Label

We've teamed up with the Founder of Kidizens, LLC to produce four highly detailed STEAM programs.

Choose from:

a) Mathball - math, statistics, data driven
b) Expert Architects - design, math, engineering
c) Green Power - math, chemistry, policy, environment
d) Off the Grid - math, biology, chemistry, environment

Each program includes a TPP implementation guide, detailed lesson plans, a syllabus, and a presentation deck.

Comprehensive and easy to deliver.


• Outline, with verbiage for community print
• Syllabus
• Lesson plan complete with timing for topic delivery
• Presentation slides
• Reference links
• Implementation guide complete with scheduling and pricing recommendations

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