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New Students Package: 5 Group Classes in 30 days

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New Students Only: 5 Group Classes for $30. Can use for any group class. All classes must be used within 30 days.

Once you purchase, sign up for your classes on our scheduling system and enter your code or email under redeem package or gift certificate.

Four Classes Per Month Subscription

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Choose any four group classes a month with this subscription. Each class breaks down to $15/class. Classes do not roll over to the next month. But if you are out of town 2 weeks - choose from our multitude of classes and take four classes the other two weeks!

You may cancel at any time. Subscription is auto-renew. No refunds given for months already paid for.

Unlimited Classes - Monthly Subscription

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For monthly recurring fee of $97, get access to unlimited group classes at The Body Loom. Can be redeemed for any and all classes including but not limited to: Yoga, Pilates, Yoga & Pilates Fusion, BodyLoom, all pre and postnatal movement and Bellydancing classes. Pick and choose your classes. If you are going to take 6 or more classes in month - this is THE OPTION for you.
8 classes a month ends up being about $12/class and it's even cheaper if you take more!
You may cancel at any time. No refunds once payments are already made.

10 Pack of Group Classes

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Attend any group classes you would like over a 90 day period. Choose from: Yoga, Prenatal Pilates, Bellydance, BodyLoom, Mama Yoga, Pilates & Yoga Fusion, Mom & Baby Yoga and more. This pass has the most time flexibility. Save $20 buy buying this pass instead of paying drop-ins.

New Student Deal: 4 Private Lessons for $200

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Try private Pilates or Yoga lessons for $50 each (savings of $35 per lesson). New students only. To be used within 60 days of purchase.

4 Privates/Month - Subscription

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Are you interested in Pilates privates? Save $25 per appointment while making a deeper commitment to yourself and your health. They say (and we firmly believe) that in 10 sessions your body will feel remarkably different and in 20 session your body will look different. We want to make regular Pilates sessions accessible to more people. Hence the subscription package. You'll get 4 Pilates privates a month and be able to use one a week. No refunds will be made after your monthly payment goes through but you can cancel the following month at any time. You will make your own appointments online for any time available each week (does not have to be the same time each week).

8 Privates/Month Subscription

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This is a monthly subscription for clients who want a concentrated practice with quick results. This package allows you to save $30 per private, bringing the cost of each session to $55. Ideally clients will average about 2 sessions per week.
It will auto renew each month. You can cancel at any time but there are no refunds once you've paid for the month. All sessions must be used within one month of payment date.

Privates - 10 Session Package

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Privates - 5 Session Package

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