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Placenta Encapsulation

Thank you for your interest in Placentophagy and the placenta services I offer.
I am trained and skilled in the preparation of the placenta for consumption. I am excited to be able to offer these valuable services to my community. I have both professionally and personally seen the positive impact these great tools have had on families. Using the healing properties and nutrients of the placenta the journey postpartum is easier. I encapsulate according to The Traditional Chinese Medicine technique (TCM). Placenta Capsules are made from your placenta with no added ingredients. The placenta is steamed with all organic lemon, ginger and green chilli and then dehydrated. The dried placenta is ground into a powder and put into non-GMO vegetable capsules according to TCM recipes

-Consuming your Placenta can
• significantly reduce post-birth bleeding
• encourage a quick and healthy milk supply
• replenish essential hormones such as oxytocin and CRH(stress reducer)
• replenish essential nutrients such as vit B6 and iron
• reduce stress levels
• Prevent/treat the baby blues and post-partum depression
• leave new mothers feeling calmer
• give new moms the energy to cope with a busy day
-Capsules can also be frozen and taken during menopause to help with symptoms

I offer a quick and pleasant turn around.
I am available via text or phone 24/7 to be notified of your labor and then birth. Please contact me sooner rather than later. I come to you to pick up your placenta in a cooler you have brought/have for it. I respectfully prepare your placenta and encapsulate it using the approximately 18-24 hour TCM process (I use all disinfected & separate supplies). I bring your finished capsules in a glass amber jar with an instruction label directly back to you.
*I charge an additional fee of $100 for a Placenta Tincture created with High Grade, High Proof Alcohol*
*Please inquire for details if interested in having a smoothie made for you after birth.
*If you are seeking a Lotus Birth you can still encapsulate! Ask me how I can accommodate you.*
~Payment is to be paid in full upon hire. Payment is nonrefundable in any case.
~Please list on your birth plan and inform your provider/nurse that you will be encapsulating or taking your placenta. Do not let the placenta out of your room if you are birthing in a hospital. Do not allow it to be taken to pathology as it may then be unsafe for consumption! Take it to put it into your cooler right away. I pick up your placenta from you and cannot be the one to sign it out if necessary.
~Please text or call me when you first go into labor so I can prepare to pick it up during the soonest possible time within business hours.
~Have a small cooler or larger lunch box with you at your birth that I can take your placenta in.
~Have the placenta bagged after it is examined by your care provider. Immediately put it in your cooler with a couple bags of ice or ice packs (or for home birth put it in your fridge and then on ice in the cooler when I come for it).
I encourage you to reach out and ask me any questions you may have. I would be happy to address any of your concerns.
I look forward to serving you in this way postpartum! Congrats on your impending birth!

Lauren Pineda, AAHCC, CD(DONA)
Cell: 206-234-3210
Back up Cell- 206-235-3846 (Husband Gabriel)