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A Free and Wild Woman

Release Societal Programming & Unleash your True Nature as Wild Woman!

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*Payment plan clients: contact us directly for an invoice.
2 x $555.55 or 3 x $377

Thank you!

Alchemy of Wellbeing

Alchemy of Wellbeing, a Bespoke Transformational Ceremony. ✨

A Half-day 2:1 Intensive & Afternoon of Immersive Transformation to Next-Level Nourishment.

A Customized & Yin-Yang Balanced approach to Wellness: Marry those Masculine & Feminine aspects looking to dance together in Radiant Contentment. (no longer in opposition to each other.)

The Yin and Yang of Nourishment & Vitality.


*Peace of Being - Stress Release
*Creativity Upgrades
*Your Environment and Being catalyzed to Flow State Access!
*Bring Unconscious Conscious
*Balance & Harmonize  yin/yang, feminine/ masculine with regards to Eating & Energy, and life overall
*Holistic Upgrade into Peak (physical, mental, emotional) Performance
*Customized, Super Intuitively Individual
*Tools for a Sustainable wellness growth Practice & Ease of Integration
*Bespoke: Specificity to your Unique, Individual challenges


*Opportunity to be heard
*A Channelled Reading of your Vital Nourishment Body
*Shamanic Journey addressing the energy underneath your relationship with Food, Body, and Movement
*Custom Food & Health Recommendations and Takeaways
*A Bespoke Intuitive Zentality Meditation
*Transformational Tonics: A Custom Elixir Recipe for Home & a Custom Energetic Elixir
*3 or more Personalized Tools, Practices, Strategies to catalyze instant impact in your life!


Much Love,
Amanda & Tyrone,
The Nourishment Shamans, Elixir Mixers, Vitality Visionaries.
"Vitality Vision with a Shamanic Remix."

Embodiment Game Recordings

The recordings of the Embodiment Game to do on your own or repeat as wanted. :)

Intuitive Eating Report

A reading of your current health and the energy of your health potential.
Delivered in written form via email. Usually approx 1 page in length of guidance.

The Intuitive Eating Experience - Self-Study

A 21 Day Intuitive Eating Intro, Practices, and Program

- A Foundation to Intuitive Eating
- A dedicated private Facebook Group to receive guidance, accountability, and a supportive community of non-judgement.
- Practices and Exercises - to establish your own Practice of building connection to your Body-Knowing
- 10x video lessons with accompanying workbooks to do at your own pace. (21 day span recommended.)

See full description here:

The Sugar Release Experiment!

***30 days to Releasing Sugar Addiction & Kicking Candida to the Curb! 

Eliminate those incessant & out-of-control sugar & bread cravings!
Increase Energy & Sustainable Energy over the whole day!
Lose Weight and Reduce Risk of Illness! Avoid Allergens!
Reduce Brain Fog & Increase Mental Clarity!
Greater empowerment with creative foods!
Feel better than you even realized was possible!

This is a very different approach to quitting sugar that not only celebrates progress, but also RETRAINS THE BRAIN.
Focus on what to Add-In, instead of what to Cut Out.

How this course works:  You receive a short, easily absorbable video tip (between 2 minutes - 10 minutes) every other day with one simple action item to practice to implement. This approach helps build habit & lifestyle change simply and effectively.