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A Masterclass ~ Introduction to *Elixirs!*

Tuesday February 19, 2019. 12pm EST/ 9am Pacific/ 5pm London

How can elixirs affect your health & energy and even become a sacred ritual? Upgrade those hot chocolates, Coffees, and Teas with SUPERFOODS to really support your energy & vitality this winter. ❄️

An amazing alternative to not-so-yummy-tasting supplements! And coffee!

Superfood Sippin': In this Introduction to Elixirs Masterclass you'll learn:

Online Zoom MasterClass:
~What is an Elixir? How can it help you?
~Learn the 7 components of elixirs & the 3F's of crafting!
~ An Intro to some commonly used super-food ingredients, what they do, and why they're helpful.
~How to craft an elixir.

~Watch Amanda craft an elixir or choose to make it with her from home!

~Get your elixir questions answered!
~Help you get started for your body's needs!

~A PDF Summary of the Course, which includes your elixir-crafting template
~And at least 2 Recipes!

*Access to the Recordings so you can revisit the class whenever you like! Or if you can't attend live!

*There will be an Intermediate Class next month, so jump on this first one now to get started and get the basics down!

You can even use these medicinal tonics to address your stress, anxiety, hormones, thyroid, high blood pressure, insomnia, PMS, and MORE.

See you on 2/19! Bring your favorite Mug and an open heart. :) (Plan on 75-90 minutes, potty breaks included!)

love, Amanda

Alchemy of Wellbeing

Alchemy of Wellbeing, a Bespoke Transformational Ceremony. ✨

A Half-day 2:1 Intensive & Afternoon of Immersive Transformation to Next-Level Nourishment.

A Customized & Yin-Yang Balanced approach to Wellness: Marry those Masculine & Feminine aspects looking to dance together in Radiant Contentment. (no longer in opposition to each other.)

The Yin and Yang of Nourishment & Vitality.


*Peace of Being - Stress Release
*Creativity Upgrades
*Your Environment and Being catalyzed to Flow State Access!
*Bring Unconscious Conscious
*Balance & Harmonize  yin/yang, feminine/ masculine with regards to Eating & Energy, and life overall
*Holistic Upgrade into Peak (physical, mental, emotional) Performance
*Customized, Super Intuitively Individual
*Tools for a Sustainable wellness growth Practice & Ease of Integration
*Bespoke: Specificity to your Unique, Individual challenges


*Opportunity to be heard
*A Channelled Reading of your Vital Nourishment Body
*Shamanic Journey addressing the energy underneath your relationship with Food, Body, and Movement
*Custom Food & Health Recommendations and Takeaways
*A Bespoke Intuitive Zentality Meditation
*Transformational Tonics: A Custom Elixir Recipe for Home & a Custom Energetic Elixir
*3 or more Personalized Tools, Practices, Strategies to catalyze instant impact in your life!


Much Love,
Amanda & Tyrone,
The Nourishment Shamans, Elixir Mixers, Vitality Visionaries.
"Vitality Vision with a Shamanic Remix."

Free and Wild Woman

Release Societal Programming & Unleash your True Nature as Wild Woman!

Description: http://www.heismanhealth.com/free-wild-woman/

*Payment plan clients: contact us directly for an invoice.
2 x $555.55 or 3 x $377

Thank you!

Intuitive Eating Report

A reading of your current health and the energy of your health potential.
Delivered in written form via email. Usually approx 1 page in length of guidance.