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Tarot in 22... Because tarot isn't meant to be learned in a quick and easy lesson.

If you've ever wanted to learn tarot in a way that doesn't drain the life out of you, this course is your jam. This is a self-paced tarot course broken down into 22 lessons-- just like tarot's major arcana.

The aim of Tarot in 22 is to empower new tarot readers like you! I want to arm you with the necessary confidence, knowledge and understanding to effectively read tarot cards for yourself and others. Throughout the course, you will learn all about the cards, astrological correspondences, how to find your own unique reading voice, and more.

This course is taught using a 78-card tarot deck with Rider Waite-Smith imagery. It is highly recommended that you have such a deck (the Rider Waite or Morgan Greer tarot decks are recommended). Check your email in 24 hours for instructions to access the course.