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Parenting Teens: A Survival Guide

Are your kids anxious?
Do you worry about their confidence?
Or are you worried you're messing them up?
Or are you sick of nagging and them not doing what you ask them to do?
Susie's here with relief.
Mom of 5, has been there and will give you specific strategies and tools to move out of overwhelm, worry, and angst to feel better about yourself and your parenting.
It is possible.
I'm proof.
Let me help you. You weren't meant to do this alone

Midlife Warriors Monthly Membership & Book Club

per month
This group is open to all women ages 40 and above who want to redefine what midlife looks and feels like.
🔹SUPPORT as you move away from procrastinating, overwhelm, and stress into a life that feels good to be living.
🔹A confidential and supportive membership community of women

Happiness Habits Individual Program

Want to feel different in one week?
This is your program. One week.
No, there's no magic wand but with minor shifts and learned tools, you will start down a new path.
Plus, the price is incredibly low for the amount of one-on-one coaching and resources you receive.
We can’t wave a magic wand and have lifelong habits and behaviors change. But, with professional guidance (me!), intention, and practice, I can confidently say that you will change the trajectory of your life in six weeks.
Join others in saying that this Happiness Habits Program is the best gift you’ve ever given yourself.
It’s time to take care of you my dear.