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Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that will leave you the appearance of natural full brows. With this technique, a manual tool is used to mimic natural hairs on your eyebrows. This method is minimally invasive and usually only requires a topical numbing cream around the eyebrow area. This procedure will be followed up with a complimentary touch-up within 4-8 weeks. Microblading results vary, but will eventually fade overtime because of the shallowness of the pigment in the skin.

Ombré Eyebrow

The ombre technique is 100% permanent shading, done in a modern more way. This procedure does not include any hair-stroke simulation, which gives the appearance of "already made up" eyebrows. This permanent makeup technique is the ideal solution for the woman who does not have time or knowledge of how to fill in her eyebrows, but desires ready-to-go look.

Fusion Eyebrow

The fusion technique combines microblading and the ombre technique to create naturally bold eyebrows. During this permanent makeup procedure, individual hair strokes are manually placed throughout the entire eyebrow, while shading is strategically placed for the perfect pop of glam. Included: Consultation & Touch up Appointments.