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Business Alchemy Coaching

This mentorship is a package of three sessions. Price is $450

Here's a brief outline of what the three sessions look like.

1st appointment: Deep Dive Natal Chart Reading. an in-depth natal chart reading guided by your business alchemy journaling. Conversation will uncover your strengths and vulnerabilities as a creative entrepreneur and clarify your message. I will give you some more journaling homework.

2nd appointment: Planning Session. We will discuss important transits for the next 12 months to guide you on your business development. You will have a very helpful forecast of the conditions that lay ahead of you so you can find the path of least resistance and stay in the flow. PLUS I will assign you some good dates to perform certain rituals that will align you with particular planetary influences. These suggestions are based on timing, but the ritual work will remain very open and creative for you. Magic must always come from your own heart and feel natural for you.

3rd appointment: Follow up. Sharing progress. Refining goals. Finally, I will teach you a very special meditation practice. Through the images that arise from deep within your own soul, I will teach you how to invoke your own peak flow state of creativity and how to keep it anchored in your body/mind/spirit. This anchoring process will require you to take a few minutes a day for the following 21 days.