Manisha Tare


Emotional Alchemy Healing Intensive

A focused, intentional 90 minutes dedicated to helping you identify and begin to unravel an energetic emotional pattern at it's core, gain emotional clarity and act from a place of discernment and alignment. Sessions will take place over zoom or skype from the comfort of your own home. You will be guided to attune to your soul's presence to receive what you need for healing at this time. BONUS: 1 week of email support included to support integration.

Single session: Craniosacral Therapy (60 min)

CST can help your nervous system move from a state of high alert to a more restful state. The treatment supports physical alignment as well as deeper connection of body, mind, & spirit. You may be in need of restoration/realignment after a physical injury or guidance and help to process emotions or trauma in your body that may be underlying your experience of stress, overwhelm, or anxiety. Clients often experience feeling lighter, rested, and more clear. Must be used within 3 months of purchase.

Single session: private therapeutic yoga

Yoga has the ability to heal on the physical, emotional, and energetic level. These sessions are designed to focus on energetic imbalances and emotional healing. Through postures, breathwork, meditation, and dialogue, we will address and work towards healing anxiety, stress, trauma, & emotional patterns that keep you feeling stuck, in physical or emotional pain, and/or holding anxiety in your body. Must be used within 3 month of purchase.

Single Session: Mind Body Coaching

If you are struggling with feeling overwhelmed in your day to day, you have practices and tools that may not be working, & you are looking to integrate your inner wisdom with your outer world, this is for you. In each session, you will be guided to connect to your body, intuition and wisdom within to feel and understand what needs to be healed to positively impact your current reality. You will receive practical tools and exercises to support you in between sessions. Session must be used within 3 months of purchase.