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Ascension Spirit Teachers and Follow up

Meet with your Ascension team/spiritual Beings and learn to connect with them. Second session will be to help you connect with them more clearly.

Body Reading/Masters Meeting with Free Follow up

We are now couple the reveal of your part in the body system as well as what Ascended Master(s) or ETs are going to help you not only that, but also working in the planetary new system (emerging) of the world.

Included a FREE 15 minute follow up reading. (Spirit will determine the content.)

BoGo 15 Minutes

Buy one appointment get the second one for free.

BoGo 30 Minutes

Buy one 30 minute session get the 2nd for free.

ET Connection and Follow up

First session connects you to your ET family. 2nd connection reviews how YOUR personal connection is going and assist in any way to make it clearer.



Hands of Light

Two classes targeting you how to read the physical body starting at the head/crown and ending at the feet.

Sunday May 3rd 10 am thru noon EST is
Class one: I will show you my techniques I have developed over decades. You will need a partner to practice on (both weeks.)

Sunday May 17th 10 am thru noon is
Class two: We will go over the practice experience you had in the previous 2 weeks. Going over challenges, or even experiencing new techniques that you developed while practicing.

Both classes with be video recorded and given to you for your ongoing review.

Mediation for Soul Enhancements

2 pm central time every Saturday in July. The 7th thru the 28th.
Meditation class via Webex every Saturday in June to help you learn to focus, see thru your souls eyes, hear thru your souls hearing and how to adjust frequencies as needed.

3 for 2 30 Minute Reading Package

3 thirty Minute readings for the price of two. These sessions MUST be booked 2-3 weeks apart, NOT months apart. Thank you!

This package expires 60 days from first booking date.