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"How To Livestream For Business" [Beta E-Course)

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I've read your comments on my livestreams and social media posts, and I hear you loud and clear! You want to go LIVE on social media, but you're too scared, don't feel camera ready, worry about how much you'll have to spend on new gear to make your videos look professional. Many worry if they will have a strong enough signal to stream at all. Even if that all works out, and you put in the hard work to go live, whose worried that nobody will show up to watch? I had the same worries as you, and now 2 years later, I'm here to make it easier for you to get started. One thing you're right about is that livestream video can help you attract your target audience. In a sea of the same, video has proven to get more engagement and 80% of viewers are more likely to buy. I'm going to show you how I created authentic livestream videos with my mobile phone to grow an awesome community of 10k+ and made sales my first month in business! You can invest in any level of gear I show you, but start small and get comfortable with the basics first. Space is limited, so sign up for my beta e-course "How To Livestream For Business" today! Class starts next month and I'm only opening it up to a few students to gather feedback and refine each module. After this beta test is complete, I will increase the price to better fit all the valuable information I am providing all in one place. The best part, you will have access to this course for the life of the program. If I add any updates on new apps or products, just login and view it at no additional cost. What's the next step? Make your payment to reserve your spot. I will send you an email confirmation letting you know your spot is reserved in my exclusive livestream training course. I can't wait to help you innovate your marketing plan! See you in the ROCKY NASH LIVE VIP GROUP!