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Cited into Major Media as an Authority

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One time only, payment gets you cited into 4 Major Media Authorites as an expert in your industry.

You get links, images, and proof of valid citations to use in your media marketing

You 'll be quoted and citation linked to website of your choosing.

Once payment is received, you'll get a link with information we need to fulfill your order.

Takes approx 7-10 days to complete and return you custom image with Media Authority Logos.

Website (Wordpress) Set Up w/Customization

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Website Setup :

I specialize in setting up WordPress sites. If you’re not familiar with WordPress, it's easy, it's affordable and it’s amazing. What I like best about WordPress is, once I set up your website, you can easily learn how to manage it via the Dashboard which eliminates the need for added expense in your business. You won't need to contact your web designer every time you want to change or add something on your site.

My base rate for this service is $500 and includes initial training on how to manage your site from the WordPress Dashboard as well as one month of email/phone support.

After the one month support period, work will be billed at $100/hour (15 minute min @$25). I'll even show you how to get and manage your very own domain name. (www.yourwebsite.com)

Initial Business Consultation (30 minutes)

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This is an initial Business Consultation Call where we'll get to know one another and see if I can assist you in anyway.

This will be limited to 30 minutes. My time and yours is valuable!

During this call, we'll talk about how you show up online and how you can fix anything if needed.

See Written Business Analysis to purchase all the tips, tricks, and resources I give you in written form.

FREE Weekly Wednesday Night Training

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Each and EVERY Wednesday night we give away TONS Of value and training on a LIVE webinar. You must Register a seat here: WeeklyTraining.reginafloyd.com

You'll learn how to build your business using Social Media Strategies and even if you never buy a thing, you'll walk away with TONS of value for YOUR business.

See you there!

Mastery University

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Have you ever felt like it might just take a college education to figure out this online marketing thing?

Good news, it doesn't, and it sure won't cost you THOUSANDS it would to go to college.

MLSP Mastery University doesn't even cost what you would pay for books at college but you'll get a Masters in Online Marketing Education...

All at your fingertips, while you learn at your speed.

You'll even get a complimentary coach and mentor and have access to Multiple 6 & 7 Figure earners while you learn

BEST part... watch your business take off when you implement the tips, tricks and strategies taught here.

Enroll today! Mastery.ReginaFloyd.com

ps. There is a 10 day trial if you just want to test it out first ;)

Biz Builder University (DIY Marketing)

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How to Get More Leads, Sign-Up More Reps, and Make Money from the 90% Who Say No to Your Biz Opp... GUARANTEED!"

University style DIY training full of How To's, tips, resources ,and ninja strategies to build ANY business online.

This is a recurring monthly membership where you learn how to market YOUR business online at your own pace with my assistance.

You can go here directly to get started>>

Complete Written Analysis of Your Business on Social Media

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Wondering how you show up online?

Answer a few basic questions and allow me to complete a thorough anaylsis of your business complete with suggestions on how you can improve each area today.

Analysis covers :
~ Facebook
~ Instagram
~ Pinterest
~ Twitter
~ Tumbllr
~ Flickr
~ Youtube
~ G+
~ Linkedin

When I'm done you will have clear action steps on exactly what you need to do in each area and why.

My competitors are charging $299 or more for this same Analysis.

Get yours today
Turn around is about 48-72 hours.
**This is complimentary with other packages **

Viral Blog Platform, Set Up and Mastery Marketing University

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Content marketing is a HUGE strategy to getting your business found online.

Don't be fooled thinking a blog is only for kids or where you put your online diary.

The value you offer to others about what you do and love MOST, is what you share on a blog/website.

This is a plug and play easy system and foundation to build your business upon. It is built on a Wordpress Theme, 100% customizable and with built in SEO

Everything you share on all the social media platforms should realistically begin here with YOUR business hub.

**The cost of this is recurring monthly and is a flat fee for the system itself. (** you get WAY more than just a blog**)

As a bonus for you using the system, I will assist you in set up, help you get going and offer coaching as a bonus as well as get you connected to extra training, groups, syndication strategies, etc.

~ blog
~ affiliate offers you can use and create extra income
~ residual income from referrals to system
~ weekly community call
~ access to Q&A training
~ and so much more

***if you decide you want this package GO HERE INSTEAD of paying through paypal


Once you've purchased, I'll be notified and we'll get on the phone and get you going RIGHT Away!

StoryTelling Profits

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What if you knew:
"How a Stay-at-Home Mom & Serial Storyteller Makes More Money than most Doctors by telling Simple Stories to Print Money in YOUR Business!"

With this course, you can. This is FREE 2 hour video tutorial that will teach you to tell a tale that sells your business, product, or service faster than ice-cold lemonade on a hot summer day!

Learn more today, get access now>>

DIY Top Earn Money Secret

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FREE 32 minute video reveals how 4 top earners would Make $5,000 in the Next 30 Days Online IF they had to start from scratch!

WARNING: This is a do-or-die scenario where these 4 top marketers MUST
Make $5,000 in the Next 30 days... and we recorded it!

Find it here, enter your email, free access

Social Media Platform Optimization (BEST price)

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Best DEAL: I will optimize 7 of your social media platforms in this package. See each platform in packages for descriptions (ONE TIME purchase)


Normally $200 each platform - you save with this package. This includes links photos, description, etc and using your existing branding and images

Facebook Business Page Optimization

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You know you need a Facebook Business page but have no idea what to do with it.

I'll create and build out a page for you, add images, tabs, and some basic info and show you how to connect it to your profile as well as leave you with the best strategies for using your page to build your business.

I can also add tabs to showcase your instagram, youtube, pinterest, etc.

I'll also offer basic organic strategies for growing your following and page likes and offer access to strategies on paid advertising for your page without breaking the bank.

ps. I won't be touching your profile but I will offer suggestions on how to maximize prime real estate on your profile for your page and how to get your friends & family over to "like" it

if you need me to spruce up your profile and link your page, I can and will do that.

Twitter Set Up and/or Optimization

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I will set up and/ or optimize your twitter account for your business, product, or service.

I will also offer you the option to connect this to a facebook profile if you wish and show you some ways you an automate posting to twitter.

I'll also share a few secrets of how to maximize what you do on this particular platform.

Can also direct you to an AMAZING Free training

*Note: you can purchase this as part of a package for all of your Social Media Platforms

Instagram Account

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I will create and build up an Instagram account for you and share with you some basic, yet very effective strategies for building a following in your niche and local market (if applicable)

I'll give you a free pdf on stupid simple ways to grow your business in about 5-10 minutes a day

I will also provide you some key hashtags for two keywords you choose. You can save them and add them when you post

Google (G+) Account and Page Optimization

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If you aren't using G+ for your busines, you are missing the boat.

G+ strategies are simple yet VERY effective in getting found online and on the first page of Google in most cases.

I will optimize a G+ account for you and create or show you how to create a business page congruent with your other Social Media platforms.

I'll then share some basic simple strategies on how to use it daily to double the effect of your marketing efforts

LinkedIn Account Optimization and Strategy

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LinkedIn is one of thost very under utilized platforms for Social Media Marketing. You may not think there is value there for YOUR business but what if you are wrong.

If you are NOT building here, you are missing out on a lot of business!

I'll show you how to optimize your profile and how to strategically connect with other professionals interested in your business, service, or product.

*Note: You can purchase this individually or be sure to see my full Social Media Optimization Package

Youtube Optimization

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I will create and/or optimize your youtube account and some videos for you if you have some uploaded.

I'll share basic strategies on how to best optimize each video you upload to get you ranked faster on Google Plus. I will also share some simple strategies for where to share your videos to boost your results

This is one time fee and includes 4 existing videos if you have them.

*Note: you can purchase this individually or as part of a package for all of your social media platforms

Pinterest Setup and Optimization

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I set up and/or optimize your Pinterest Profile specific to your business, product, or service.

I'll load a few images for you and link them to key places in your Social Media Marketing Strategy Wheel

I'll show you how to use your existing content or anything new you post on other platforms and get even more exposure with it on Pinterest.

Don't underestimate the power of Pinterest in buiding business. LOTS of business people are here and it can be a great networking spot if you know how

*Note: you can purchase this individually or purchase a package for all of your social media platforms

Done For You Social Media Management

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This is for the person that knows they need to be on Social Media but doesn't have the time or desire to do it all, or keep up with most current and innovative strategies.

I accept limited # of clients here because this is time consuming and I've set my price high on purpose. Im good at what I do.

This includes posting several times daily to each of your social media platforms and networking with others in your niche and target audience.

I use what I call a "reciprocal strategy" in marketing and I'll show you what I mean
**Note: I may use employees and colleagues and outsource the work but supervise quality and the price may be lower that way.**