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Month to Month Coaching Commitment
Unlimited Sessions (based on calendar availability)
$1,295 / Month

Annual Coaching Agreement

Annual Coaching Agreement
26 Sessions

Energy Love Bomb

All things are energy. We are amazing beings set onto a path of incredible experiences. Sometimes, we veer off course and need to do some trajectory corrections. That is where this healing energy work comes in, as we connect and influence the higher realms available to us. This work brings in love, healing, and support to influence your outcome in a particular situation. This work directly addresses the circumstances surrounding the life challenges present. It will only influence situations that are granted the permission to be altered towards a more positive outcome for you, specifically, as well as others involved through their connection to you and the situation. If for some reason this situation does not allow for change, you will be notified, so that we can focus your Love Bomb towards something that can be.