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Gallery Quality Painting

$ AUD159.00
Get ready to complete paintings that will amaze your friends and family!
- Only available to people who have completed an introductory session.
- Finish a great painting each session
- Learn the techniques and processes used by the pros
- Professional quality materials
- Read more about Gallery Quality Painting.
- Valid for 90 days after purchase.

GQP: Up to 4 Paintings: save 25%

$ AUD475.00
- Save 25% off the regular price on your "Paint a Masterwork" and Gallery Quality Painting" sessions (Get your 4th lesson free)
- Schedule your own sessions
- Reschedule up to 7 days before the lesson
- Bring a friend using your credits!
- Terms and conditions.
- Valid for 90 days after purchase

Paint your first Masterwork

$ AUD159.00
Become the painter you want to be!
Get an introduction to the world's most accelerated art education method as you paint a Masterwork by Van Gogh or Monet.
You will paint in a working artist's studio under the close supervision of Peter Inglis, artist and author of 30 books.
Read more.
- Valid for 90 days after purchase.

Private Art Coaching 4 hours

$ AUD320.00
Get intensive coaching on the techniques and methods of the master painters.
Peter will pay particular attention to your technique, showing you the myriad ways of handling a brush to get painterly effects.

Guitar coaching, 4 sessions in 1 month, save 33%

$ AUD320.00
Buy and attend four intensive coaching sessions over four consecutive weeks.