Divine Energy Healing®

30 Minute Phone Consult - Prepaid (Copy)


Remote Healing of Acute - Dangerous Disease / Condition

This process directs Divine Energy Healing® for the healing of a specific illness or disease or physical condition, which is of a dangerous or deadly nature. 

The patient may be in hospital and require immediate intervention.

Remote Soul Healing with Divine Energy Healing®

Soul Healing is the fundamental Divine Energy Healing® Process - recommended in almost every case.

Corrections are made on the Soul Level and so disease is prevented or eliminated. Select Soul Healing for heartbreak, emotional issues, spiritual clarity, mental issues, depression or anxiety. Also to balance energy and heal chakras.

This work will be completed within one week of payment.

One Hour Phone Consult - Prepaid


CHAKRA HEALING - Remote Process

Divine Energy Healing® Chakra Process Restores & Balances Your Chakras Remotely

Our Chakras may become over or under active due to poor and erratic lifestyle, negative emotions & thoughts, deep rooted fears and other factors. Unbalanced Chakras (over or under active Chakras) are unable to provide the right amount of energy required for optimum health and development thus leading to various physical, emotional and mental ailments.

It is imperative to rebalance and restore the functioning of the Chakras.

Remote Healing of Limited Disease/Illness

This process directs Divine Energy Healing® for the healing of a specific illness or disease or physical condition, which is of a limited nature. Examples are to speed healing of a broken bone, to improve eyesight or hearing due to aging or environmental damage, gout and other serious but not dangerous conditions. Even a very bad cold can be cleared.

This work will be completed within one week of payment.

Healing for Chronic Disease or Mental Condition or Addictions - REMOTE process

For chronic disease that is not life-threatening, but is life altering.

Can be also physical impairment, result of accident or injury. Includes conditions one is born with.

Chronic - means long term disease / condition. It can be physical or mental in how it manifests. Autism is an example.

This work will be completed within one week of payment.

Healing Ancestral Karma

Our ancestors have a very powerful effect upon us on every level. It is generally accepted that both genetically and karmically the reach of ancestors extends for nine generations. There can be a lot of positive and there can be a lot of negative, that flows this way.

The clearing of ancestral karma is very valuable for our soul and also protects your children or future children from the ancestors karma.

This work will be completed within one week of payment.

Astral Body Healing - Remote

Heal the link between the astral and physical bodies. Restore the ability of the astral body to remain connected and in the physical body at time of stress. Remove negative impressions that the astral body has stored over time. Remote Process.

This work will be completed within one week of payment.

Remove Fear via Divine Energy Healing®

Sometimes we find ourselves stuck with some specific or generalized fear that has become debilitating, with this process over ninety percent of the fear can be removed.

There are three processes that make up the Process to remove fear, they are spaced out over several months. Also one 30 minute phone/Skype consult is included.

Protection in the World

This process creates a Golden Shield of Divine Protection from mortals in the real world. This can include enemies, ex husbands or wives, anyone who threatens you and yours.

It repels them and sometimes even prevents them from thinking negative thoughts about you.

This will help keep you safe. But always, when we are in danger, let the courts and police know.

This work will be completed within one week of payment.

Remove Karma

Karma from past lives can cause major blocks in this life. This is what to select when you want or need to remove a specific karma or set of karmas - a Divine Process.

108 Healing Gift Certificate

Applicable to any healing or item or account. Amount applied $108.00

Special Soul Healing after Parting Life

This is for anyone, up to one week after death. A loved one, family member or friend. To ease their transition.

Soul Mate Healing - Remote Process

Heal a Relationship

With this process Divine Energy Healing® and powerful intention is focused on your Soul and your SoulMate's Soul for the purpose of healing blocks in the relationship. What this does is work to repair damage and or problems in an existing relationship.

Through the process of soul mate healing deep blocks on different levels and in different channels and between the couple are removed or reduced in energy.

This process is meant for a couple who are already in a relationship and wish it to improve.

Family Healing Process

After many years sometimes families fray apart. This causes great pain on all levels to all concerned. Sometimes it is simple differences - maybe sometimes due to abuse within the family.

ALL family pain and damage can be healed with this process.

Total honesty is important for this to work - the damaged energetic connections will be healed!

Once the payment is made please email family@evananda.net with the names and what happened and then the process will start.

This work will be completed within one week of payment.

Who is your Soulmate?

This is a reading of the Akashic Record. Seeing your Twin Flame or Soul Mate. Presented via email attachment.

This work will be completed within one week of payment.

Kundalini Awakening : Awaken the Serpent!

Remote Kundalini Awakening Process.

I perform this process on your behalf.

What is Kundalini? It is Shakti - pure power - Herself. 'You' become 'Her.' The reason for this, is to unite your soul with the Universal Soul - the soul of her other half, which is Shiva.

This work will be completed within one week of payment.

Control Kundalini - End Kundalini Crisis

Immediate Relief - End the Crisis - This brings Her under immediate control - By Shirdi Sai Baba's Grace. Stop the damage.

Read about it here: http://evananda.net/kundalini_crisis__awakening

Kundalini SAFE - Unblock Chakras & Channels

If you have had a Kundalini Awakening and there is disturbance and roughness but you would like to proceed safely. Clearing and removing blocks in your energy channels and chakras, allowing Kundalini to reach her goal safely.

Established Field

This is when you want everything quickly. Does not matter how long you have been or not been in spirituality - this opens up everything.

This work will be completed within one week of payment.

Kala Process (Shrink Time)

THE KALA PROCESS - This involves a process to compress time, to quickly have you go through the various levels of the time continuum - Kala Chakra - meant to get to the Spiritual goal much faster. Typically added to a process - but it is also available as a stand-alone process. This is life-altering process, done for your spiritual benefit.

This work will be completed within one week of payment.

Psychic Protection

Don't let the psychic vampires get to you anymore. This process creates a Silver Shield of Divine Protection from both mortals and immortals, around and in your aura, making it super strong.

Or purchase for a friend in need.

This work will be completed within one week of payment.

Protection Amulet

This pendant brings the highest possible protection. It is imbued with the energies of Indian Saint Shirdi Sai Baba, and Hindu deity Dattatreya.

This amulet can protect you from Gods, angels, demons, curses... anything you want or need to be protected from. It will also protect you from people who want to control you.

This amulet also radiates a 5 foot energy field around you, protecting you from physical harm. It reduces risks of all kinds, repelling negative, uncomfortable and undesirable vibrations & energies away from you.

Soul Healing - Subscription / 12 Consults & Healings

This is an amazing opportunity that will enhance your healing and spiritual development on so many levels.

The Soul Healing process is a huge boon to keep the Divine strongly flowing and growing in your life. Normally the fee for this alone is $188.00

Many clients find that having a regular phone session / consult with Evananda provides needed guidance and answers to many questions.

The 12 Consult Program includes:
* Unlimited email questions - answers provided during the follow-up phone consults
* One 30 minute Phone Consult as required - as often as desired (limit once per week)
* One Soul Healing Process per phone consultation
* 25% Discount on all other processes

Also available as a monthly subscription at $125.00 per month here: https://goo.gl/a33uw9

Soul Healing Pendant

Created with energies of Indian Saint Shirdi Sai Baba, and blessed by power of Jesus, this pendant embodies everything contained in the Soul Healing Process and more.

Where there was pain - it goes. Sadness is replaced by joy. Boundaries are replaced by new found freedom.

This pendant will change your life - with an endless flow of Divine Energy always being drawn into you. This is the most wonderful and most perfect healing object and destroyer of problems and weakness.

Price includes First Class mail shipping, both US & International. Add Priority Mail shipping for faster option.

NEW! Remote Aura & Chakra Cleansing

Remove the negative debris and gunk from past karmas. Cleansing the subtle body, aura and chakras.

This work will be completed within one week of payment.

Three (3) Remote Soul Healing Sessions - Prepaid

Prepay for three remote sessions of Soul Healing or Aura Cleansing and receive a big discount. These sessions can be used for yourself or given as gifts and they never expire.

Pay $444.00. This is a savings of $120.00 from paying for three Soul Healing process at $188.00 each which is $564.00.


You are paying here for a Process to be performed by Evananda, no specific result is guaranteed; as such there are no refunds available.

See http://evananda.net/legal_notifications for our complete Refund Policy.

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