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Which Option Works Best for You? Soul Wealth Map Program:

OPTION A: Soul Wealth Map: Live Your Purpose (Copy)

Discover Your Soul Manifesting Map


This reading includes an Akashic Record reading of your Manifesting Archetypes, identification and clearing of hidden saboteurs, and an intuitive mentoring/healing session as well as assessment of your alignment with your Manifesting Archetypes.

1.Manifesting Archetype
Discover your Primary Soul Manifesting Archetype or Soul Power. Aligning with and expressing your Soul Powers is the way to naturally flow into wealth and abundance.

2. Soul Origination
This is the second most important facet of your Soul and has a big impact on how you naturally function and use your Soul Gifts.

3.Soul Specialization
This is the specialization or skill set that is part of your Soul’s design. It helps you know more about your purpose, mission, and particular skill, especially in business.

4.Life Lesson
Your primary life lesson informs WHY you do what you do in business. Integrating your life lesson into your business gives you focus and boosts your success.

5.Organizing Principle
This is the way you are designed to create. It is essential that you know and use your organizing principle, especially in business. It's vital to your success.

6. Clearing of Hidden Saboteurs & Activating Your Manifesting Archetypes
They often cause blocks that you unaware of, repetitive troublesome patterns or experiences, and puzzling outcomes. These saboteurs are held at the Soul level and are not cleared through emotional or mental healing. These interferences with your Soul Expression can be the source of ongoing challenges that you are unable to resolve.

7. Assessment of your alignment with your Manifesting Archetypes


This tells you how to take action to manifest with ease and joy. You'll understand how to get the best results in your business and your life. It is your how-to of manifesting.

You'll gain insights on your ideal clients, your target market, how to create new offerings, the best way for you to set intentions, and how to shift your vibration. These Keys also guide you in the selection of your business model and structure.

You'll have a roadmap for manifesting your desired business and life. You'll also receive an assessment of your alignment with your 7 Keys.


2 Reading Sessions in Your Akashic Record, 45-60 minutes, via Zoom

2 Intuitive Guidance and Healing Sessions, 30 - 45 minutes, via Zoom

Detailed Written Reports Explaining Your Manifesting Archetypes

Details on How to Use Your Manifesting Archetypes in Business

Clearing of Hidden Saboteurs Blocking Your Ability to Manifest

Recording of Reading Sessions

Ongoing Assessment of Your Alignment with Your Manifesting Archetypes

Freedom to Book Your Calls to Suit Your Schedule

All Sessions are held by Zoom

OPTION B: Payment Plan for Option A - Soul Wealth Map (Copy)

per month for 5 months ($1,385.00 total)
Payment Plan for Soul Wealth Map Program
Same as Option A