HypnoBiz Europe Workshops

Wednesday & Thursday, September 16th & 17th, 2020 - 2 Day Workshop - Ayse Hogan - Past Life Regression and Enhanced Energy Communication Certification

PLR and Enhanced Energy Communication - Fun and Interactive
(Each Student will receive a manual that details the process)

Day 1 - Will be spent learning about the safe and most beneficial way to take a client into regression, the bene ts of doing a regression, the process of choosing the next life, the hurdles that the hypnotherapist may come across and no matter what happens, be con dent in their ability to handle the journey.

Day 2 The rest portion of the day will be used to introduce the Trigger Release portion of my EEC protocol and how we can use it on the spot inside a Past Life Regression and release the triggers immediately. It changes so much and the healing

Wednesday & Thursday, September 16th & 17th, 2020 - 2 Day Workshop - Richard Nongard - Contextual Hypnotherapy: The Evidence-Based Tools for Effective Hypnotherapy

Contextual Hypnotherapy, 2-day training Contextual Hypnotherapy takes an evidenced-based approach.

There are over 12,000 peer-reviewed studies that show that hypnosis is a first-choice intervention, but more importantly, these studies also reveal the techniques and approaches that are most beneficial.
The pre-conference event takes place in Amsterdam September 16-17, 2020 and you will leave with specific methods of intervention you can use with your clients. Do you want to move to an expert level? I offer this course in Las Vegas once a year, everyone says it is the best class they have ever attended. It is an experiential class and goes far beyond simple lectures. The main convention dates are September 18-20.
You will see me do an actual session, from start to finish. You will learn the methods I use and shortcut your success. I have been doing this for 30 years. Back in the day, we did not have pre-conference events, and the ability to learn in so many creative ways. You will get the benefit of my trial-and-error and we will go right to the heart of what techniques produce rapid change.
Just in the first 90-minutes of this class, you will master a “shifting-awareness” induction and the “skill-building induction” that powerfully alters client experience and ability to move into lasting change.
The course then shifts to structuring life-changing suggestion and these methods are based on what the research really shows us work. There are over 12,000 peer-reviewed studies that show the efficacy of professional hypnotherapy, and this course will give you seven essential evidenced-based strategies revealed by these studies that you can activate with your clients.
Do you want to make your sessions more effective? Do you want to be able to show to referral resources that your approach is based on the science of effective hypnotherapy? Do you want to move away from limiting approaches like regress-to-cause, and step into modern approaches to hypnosis that has a basis in the literature?
When you register for this pre-conference class, you will gain access to a bonus series of online videos designed to help you prepare for your participation, and you will get a free copy of Dr. Richard Nongard’s newest eBook, Reframing Hypnotherapy: Evidenced-Based Techniques For Your Next Session.

Sunday - Wednesday, September 20th - 23rd, 2020 - 4 Day Workshop - Christoffel Sneijders - Advanced Integrative Coach Certification; the 3 brains coach Certification

Advanced Integrative Coach Certification; the 3 brains coach Certification

Learn a proven, effective way to enable successful, long-lasting change, based on scientific research.

Learn how our three Brains—Head, Heart and Gut—are connected for powerful decision-making and how they store our memories and emotions (like stress, fear, anger, grief, sadness and frustration).

Yes, there are three brains controlling us and our clients.

We have an ‘enteric brain’ otherwise known as your ‘gut brain’ which controls our survival needs and acts in fear or anger hence: fight or flight responses and feeds our EGO.

Then there’s the ‘cardiac brain’ which is your ‘heart brain’ and it controls our bonding with other people and that is where we feel love, compassion but also hate. Finally, there’s the ‘head brain’ with three brains inside it (the rational new brain or prefrontal cortex; the emotional middle brain; and the instinctual reptilian brain).

If you are not aware of all our brains and know how to work with them, then how are you going to truly help your client to make lasting change?

You will master after these 4 days:

You will be able to instantly apply these to coaching, leadership, managerial, therapeutic or personal situations that are relevant to you.

The techniques, insights, and lessons you can directly apply in your work with clients or colleagues include:

Knowing how and in which areas to work with your clients to assist them to achieve their goals.

Having insight into how we actually make decisions and store our memories and emotions (like stress, fear, anger, grief, sadness and frustration).

The science behind the three Brains—our Head, Heart and Gut—and how they work*.

The ability to create better self-management techniques and reduce stress for your client and yourself.

Release emotional and/or physical issues that concern the Heart, Head or Gut Brain. Learn how you calibrate and align the three Brains.

The ability to identify and create a deeper understanding of how your client puts their emotional thinking in the way of reaching their objectives.

Learn the language and signs of the three Brains to identify which Brain or Brains are dominant in your clients in order to pinpoint the issue and find a solution?

An understanding of how your client is blocking themselves in finding a solution to their objectives.

Identify the five main misalignments people could have between their different Brains. Misalignments lead to all kinds of issues, including demotivation (depression), procrastination, stress/anxiety, ineffective decision-making approaches and bad performance.

Identify and solve the root cause of your client’s ‘stuck’ state.

Identify on an individual Brain level where the client is blocked, create awareness and solutions to the most common roadblocks in our individual Brains, based on their unique purpose and objectives.

Exercises to master the knowledge and feel/experience the change.

*based on the book How men and women fit, finally understand your partner with the 3 brains theory by Christoffel Sneijders

This training is Accredited by ICF for CCE points

Sunday & Monday, September 20th & 21st, 2020 - 2 Day Workshop - Stephen Travers - Certified Havening Techniques Training

At this Havening Techniques® presentation you will discover how Havening creates rapid, lasting and remarkably effective results for anxiety-based disorders, trauma, stress, depression & to build
confidence, resiliency & well being.
Havening Techniques® are a leading-edge psycho-sensory neuro scientific-based approach to effective transformation, meaning you learn how to use the power of sensory touch with imagination in helping produce rapid, lasting and remarkable results for yourself and others! And how to use Havening with Hypnosis!

Sunday & Monday, September 20th & 21st, 2020 - 2 Day Workshop - Dan Cleary- Targeting Pain


There are classes that can show you how to find relief while sitting in a recliner, with dim lighting and soft music, which is great. At home in your spare time.
But Pain Relief has to be portable!
This program is based upon: TARGETING PAIN - A Practitioners Guide to Relief, which itself is based upon Dan's personal experience of forty-plus years, dealing with chronic, unrelenting pain and his decades of assisting clients. No other instructor draws from this level of personal perspective and experience.
Dan came to hypnosis with chronic pain in 1978, as the result of a motorcycle wreck in which he was partially paralyzed. Since that time he has devoted himself to developing techniques and approaches for the relief of painful chronic conditions.
One of the most important aspects to remember when assisting clients is:Relief is Realistic!
Targeting Pain is about participating more fully in all aspects of life! Individuals can access relief at their desk, while driving, or walking, talking with friends or family, wherever, whenever. Here is where
you get the benefit of having an instructor who lives his program!
While the 'Poster Child' of this program is Pain Relief, addressing chronic conditions is really a matter of learning new and effective pathways of communication.
Dan Cleary lives what he teaches. Relief is Realistic!
Oh, and when you sign up, expect homework before and after: details upon enrollment.

Sunday & Monday, September 20th & 21st, 2020 - 2 Day Workshop - Dave Berman - The Playful Path to Less Stress and More Love

The Playful Path to Less Stress and More Love - One of the most transformational experiences can be discovered we all have constant and unlimited access to mental wellbeing, clarity, freedom, love, and connection.

We still have temporary, innocent misunderstandings about this when our awareness inevitably fluctuates. However, these and other birthrights (confidence, resilience, curiosity, creativity, playfulness, laughter, spontaneity, authenticity, and more) are actually unconditionally available to you and all your clients.

Intentional laughter can help us see how things really are, plus how to accept what is and how to allow progress in our lives to be easy and fun. Such transformational life lessons of inside-out laughter provide the name of this training – The Playful Path to Less Stress and More Love.

Journeys on The Playful Path explore unconditional laughter as a hypnotic learning platform ripe with insights about the emerging mental health paradigm called the inside-out understanding, aka subtractive psychology.

This approach to self-discovery can impact everything – from self-esteem and confidence to relationships and career, to money and time. You can only share what you see. Understanding from your own experience will profoundly impact how you show up for your clients and what you absolutely know they are capable of discovering for themselves.

Sunday & Monday, September 20th & 21st, 2020 - 2 Day Workshop - Dr. Birgit Zottmann - Ego Based Therapy

Somatic Ego state Therapy for Hypnotists

The "divided self" is a term for personality functioning that is influenced by significant inner conflicts between ego-states that may be unconscious or conscious. I will show you ways of strengthening and creating self-empowerment through work with important self-parts.
You also will find key ego states through body experience, and intervening in mind-body and health problems.

The goals of Ego State Therapy?

To locate ego states harboring pain, trauma, anger, or frustration and facilitate expression, release, comfort, and empowerment.
To facilitate functional communication among ego states,
To help clients learn their ego states so that the states may be better used to the clients' benefit.
Ego State Therapy can help states become normal, freeing the person to have a higher level of control and inner peace.

First day:
Definition of Ego state
How and why ego states are formed.
Purposes and uses of ego states
Finding ego states which are linked to resources and strengths
Conflict free states and how to find them
The trance you can use
The center core
Inner child work with ego states
Practice time

Second day:
The SARI Model (4 -stage treatment framework in Ego-State Therapy
Preparing the client for the Ego State Therapy
Introduction into the Polyvagal system
The way out of trauma
Explore sensations such as numbing, cold
Secure attachment with self and others
Using hypnotic ideomotor signals
Practice time

Sunday & Monday, September 20th & 21st, 2020 - 2 Day Workshop - Linda Thunberg - From Shattered to Wholeness - Childhood Regression Certification

From Shattered to Wholeness - Childhood Regression Certification

Have your clients felt like their inner child is “running their lives?” Perhaps making impulsive decisions, or reactions to things being bigger than the trigger? Or the need to have more, bigger, better, yet nothing satisfies them? Or reporting they just feel empty with no real reason... If your client is willing, this regression technique can help change these subconscious patterns, creating wholeness, understanding, and balance.
Learn Linda’s award-winning and primary practice modality. This childhood chakra regression technique allows you to facilitate your client’s self-healing creating wholeness in the energetic fields of the body, and brings a feeling of balance in body, mind & spirit. Lecture, Experiential and Certification included.

Sunday & Monday, September 20th & 21st, 2020 - 2 Day Workshop - Stephen Travers - Certified Havening Techniques Training

Certified Havening Techniques Training®

At this Havening Techniques® presentation you will discover how Havening creates rapid, lasting and remarkably effective results for anxiety-based disorders, trauma, stress, depression & to build
confidence, resiliency & well being.
Havening Techniques® are a leading-edge psycho-sensory neuro scientific-based approach to effective transformation, meaning you learn how to use the power of sensory touch with imagination in helping produce rapid, lasting and remarkable results for yourself and others! And how to use Havening with Hypnosis!

Sunday & Monday, September 20th & 21st, 2020 - 2 Day Workshop - Bob Burns & Hayden Ebert - Lucid Dreaming

You are invited to spend TWO mind-blowing days with Bob Burns and his guest...
Hayden Ebert!

Hi, I’m Bob Burns.
I am an academically qualified full-time clinical hypnotist with 40 years of experience in my field.

If you are aware of my work you will know I created The Swan, a truly AMAZING protocol, which allows the
trained users to make direct and PROVEN contact with parts within the subconscious, which is now used by therapists, psychologists, and healers in over 85 countries around the world.
I have a whole smorgasbord of techniques awaiting you in this workshop where you will indeed learn things directly
and ONLY from my consultation rooms.
At the end of this workshop, your consultancy skills will be razor sharp and you WILL be a certified Swanner!

And you will have had more fun at a workshop than you have ever had before!

BUT... please let me introduce you to my invited guest for this workshop:

I have known Hayden Ebert for 27 years.
Hayden Ebert is a self-made millionaire.
And his business earns him a good living every single day of his life.
He understands business.

He understands how to make fortunes.

But Hayden Ebert understands something else.
And that’s because Hayden Ebert IS something else.
Outside the world of making money, Hayden Ebert is... a Lucid Dreamer!
He is one of those strange people who has developed a gift.

A gift that helps him in both his earth-bound and spiritual life.
And he loves that gift so much he honestly feels impelled to share it with the world.

(That’s YOU by the way!!!)
That’s what Hayden Ebert WANTS to do.
He wants to show you that one-third of your life is missing!
Hayden wants to give it back to you!
Indeed Hayden wants to reveal to you how AMAZING you are! And so do I!
We are actually BOTH Lucid Dreamers!
And we truly believe we have now developed the strongest and best possible way in the world, to develop this incredible art.
The art of Lucid Dreaming.
So, immediately after the EuroHypnoBiz Convention in Amsterdam, on Sunday, Sept 20th and Monday 21st, on our 2
day post-workshop if you will allow us, we’d both love to do that:... for you!
To book........

Sunday, September 20th, 2020 - 1 Day Workshop - Alistair Horscroft - Your Power Brand Builder

Your Power Brand Builder

I can't wait to share this workshop with you, it's been a long time coming!
I have been very fortunate (and worked my ass off) I have had my own T.V shows, been featured in more magazines and newspapers than I can count, created multiple brands and business and helped many people rise above the masses and become genuine and unique successes. I get asked to talk and speak almost weekly (I turn most down these days) and have a CV that literally opens any door I want.
For the first time ever I am going to share with you how I did it and how you can do it too!
My talks are known for being crammed actionable content, paradigm-shifting reality checks and a lot of laughter.
So if you want to brand yourself, a product or a service in this industry then I will show you how.
Here is just a little of what I will be sharing:
1. Get clear on who you are being when you are your mediocre self and your greatest self. Without this fundamental step, your brand will never be powerful, aligned with your deep values or achieve the success you want.
2. Understand the difference between a business and a brand and how to make the leap from running a 'clinic or practice' to being a genuine influencer, content provider and thought leader.
3. Understand how to use speaking and/or online video to leverage your message, income, and brand identity
4. Get the insiders guide on how to make it on the speakers' circuit.
5. Do exercise that will have you discover the heart of your brand so you can create content, video, and imagery that truly connects with your chosen audience.
6. Get the structure you need to build successful websites, social media power and in-person
7. Learn the reality behind how the pro's and big namers actually make their money and build 'superbrands'.
8. Understand how to work to LIVE not live to WORK
9. Resolve 'Imposter Syndrome' so that you can feel authentic and powerful in what you do and with your brand and not feel like a fraud or fake
10. Enjoy making money without guilt! Instead make it fun, meaningful and an empowering part of your life!

Sunday, September 20th, 2020 - 1 Day Workshop - Amanda Hassall - The Hypnotic Ho'oponopono Protocol

The Hypnotic Ho'oponopono Protocol.

Learn how to utilise the amazing power of Ho'oponopono in hypnosis that goes far beyond saying the simple four phrases.

Combining with the three brains theory, we assist in the creation of an alliance between the three centers of intelligence. The alignment of the three brains results in the client, most commonly, finding their own solutions to their issue. Empowering them in their own wisdom and capacity to live life on their own terms.

Simply put, the Hypnotic Ho'oponopono protocol helps you to facilitate the profound and meaningful resolution of issues in your clients' lives. As a stand-alone session or used in conjunction with hypnotherapy.

Sunday, September 20th, 2020 - 1 Day Workshop - Barbara Baumgartner - Become An Expert in Women's Sexual Problems (Certification)

Become an expert in women's sexual problems (Certification)

Do you want to become an expert in treating women with sexual problems?
Great! This sector is not only emotionally rewarding for yourself, but will also give you financial freedom, as you know that "sex sells"!

Almost every day I receive emails such as "Thank you so much! I'm almost 50 and for the first time in my life I was able to come!"

In this workshop, I will share my knowledge of 7 years with you, in which I saw hundreds of women with all kinds of sexual issues!

You will learn how to:

-prepare an atmosphere of trust that will make your client tell you every intimate detail

- talk to clients that are victims of severe sexual abuse

- get to know why sexual problems very often are just a result and not the actual problem

- find out that actual problem during the pre-talk

- use a very easy method, that works with every client

- talk about sex without having to use medical or vulgar words

- work with couples

...and so much more!

You will LAUGH and LEARN a lot! And you will take a certificate home with you that proves that you're an expert!

Sunday, September 20th, 2020 - 1 Day Workshop - Cema Santos - Online Practice: Procedures and Protocols

Online practice: procedures and protocols

Online therapy is becoming more common than before. It offers the convenience of connecting therapists from one side of the screen to people suffering from mental health issues looking for help on the other side of the screen. However, how clients can find therapists online? What is the approach between therapist and client? Is telehealth applicable to all sorts of therapies and clients? Certainly, a new world to explore.

Workshop Content
1 – Telehealth
2- Reasons to be an online therapist x room therapist
3- Types of online therapy: Online, Phone, E-mail
4 – Legality & validation (business set up)
5 - Protocols, agreement, and contracts
5- Etiquette
6 -Platforms
7- Marketing

Sunday, September 20th, 2020 - 1 Day Workshop - Desiree Holmes Scherini - Harnessing Energy for Personal Power

Harnessing Energy for Personal Power

A day filled with magic and manifesting! Learn how to use the power of your own thoughts, intentions and the electromagnetism of your heart! Education on the history and current science behind what has commonly been called “Magic” will be covered along with experiential processes for you to use for yourself and your clients!
Experience and Learn about “spoon bending”, creating and using sigils (personal symbols of intention), water intentions and more! For yourself and Clients!

Sunday, September 20th, 2020 - 1 Day Workshop - Edwin Selij - Hypnotic Marketing

Hypnotic Marketing

The secret of stories

Sunday, September 20th, 2020 - 1 Day Workshop - Garry Coles - Hypno-Oncology – Hypnotic Interventions for the Cancer Journey, Certification

Hypno-Oncology – Hypnotic Interventions for the Cancer Journey, Certification Masterclass accredited by The Association of Hypno-Oncology Practitioners.

This certification masterclass will demonstrate how hypnotherapy is an essential complementary intervention to assist in the patient’s cancer journey. Emotional and psychological support can be beneficial at all stages of the journey.

Hypnotherapy can be a useful addition in preparing for pre-surgery as well as assisting with post-surgery healing and pain control.

Other common areas experienced such as insomnia, anticipatory nausea, dysgeusia, dietary issues can often be helped with hypnotherapy.

This certification masterclass will give an overview of cancer and the cancer journey, it is essential to understand the process, journey, terminology, and treatment being undertaken to be able to communicate effectively with patients and the medical profession.

Common areas that you can successfully work with will be highlighted, and techniques and approaches discussed.

Current research will be examined. You will be shown how to work with the patient to address and help them control their symptoms, (in conjunction with other treatments given).

On completion of the workshop, you will have the knowledge to be able to:-

Effectively communicate and work with cancer patients, having an understanding of the physical and psychological aspects of cancer

Ethically work with cancer patients, knowing what you can legally say and work with.

Create hypnotherapy treatment plans through having knowledge of the patients’ cancer journey.

To provide appropriate psychological support to both patients and carers.

To assist the patient in controlling their symptoms and side effects.

Utilise and understand the potential benefits of Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI)

Sunday, September 20th, 2020 - 1 Day Workshop - Grant Saunders - Performing Hypnosis

Performing Hypnosis

From fear to fabulous
Performance inductions
What to do now they are Hypnotised
What to do if they don't get hypnotized
What not to do and why

Sunday, September 20th, 2020 - 1 Day Workshop - Helen Breward - Menopause Specialist Hypnotherapy Course

Menopause Specialist Hypnotherapy Course

Many women are actively looking for another more natural way of dealing with menopausal symptoms, especially hot flushes, which can be disruptive and debilitating. Some ladies either don’t want to or can’t take HRT, there is very little choice. It’s predicted that by 2025 there will be over 1 billion women experiencing menopause globally.

The Menopause Relief Programme, is specifically designed to help ladies take back control of their hot flushes, their menopause.

‘I was very quick to get hold of Helen’s programme it when it became available and I wasn’t disappointed. It is absolutely full of content. The scripts work really well, they are very popular with the ladies. It’s not just all the scripts, it’s all the background information, simple, and straight forward, easy to understand. Great back up and support, she’s in contact and very happy to share new materials and ideas with you. Money well invested, I absolutely recommend the Menopause Programme.’ Anne Stagg Hypnotherapist

The Course Content
• Comprehensive training manual with
• Background knowledge and information
• Common triggers and quick fixes.
• Foods and vitamins good for menopause and hormone balance.
• Scripts for a 6 session programme.
• Video Guide.
• Press releases to use and adapt.

Attendees will have everything they need to start working with ladies and their hot flushes straight away.

This is a stand-alone programme, which has received UK national and international interest. Stand out from the crowd and be a part of a solution to this huge emerging market within hypnosis.

Sunday, September 20th, 2020 - 1 Day Workshop - Ina Oostrom - CARCINOS - Working With Hypnosis and People That Have Cancer or Severe Illnesses

CARCINOS Carcinos working with hypnosis and people have cancer or severe illnesses

Carcinos is the Greek word for cancer that the physician Hippocrates used to describe tumors. It is used here as an acronym for the concepts of Cancer, Anger, Relief, Control, Immune System, No Harm, Opinion, and Self-hypnosis to describe important ingredients for a hypnosis program to work with hypnosis with people who have cancer or another severe illness.
* What is cancer?
* Alternative views on cancer
* The role of emotions
* Bringing back control to the client
* Supporting the immune system
* Enhancing self-worth hand self-esteem
* Precautions to do no harm
* What can we do with hypnosis
* Detoxing the mind
* Pain relief
* Stress elimination or reduction
* Strengthen the client in every way
* Palliative care
* Pre and post-operative hypnosis
* Support for problems chemo treatment
* Support for problems radiation treatment
* Powerful scripts for working with severely ill patients.
* Group and demo with individual
* Light Body Hypnosis Regression Technique
* Light Body Shield Protection
* Light Body Inner Child Technique
* Ubuntu forgiveness
* Including 50 page manual in the English language
* Including the following building blocks for scripts
* Progressive relaxation induction and script for serious illness
* Protection against negative words
* Protection against negative words during an operation
* Healing suggestions
* Affirmation script
* Healing power of the heart script
* Postoperative healing script
* Side effects from medical procedures, preventing or reducing the loss of hair
* Promoting the functioning of the immune system
* The extensive Company Health Unlimited script
* Including Carcinos certificate

Sunday, September 20th, 2020 - 1 Day Workshop - Jamina Tubbing - How to Connect With New Clients using Audio and Video

How to connect with new clients using audio and video.

In this hands-on workshop, learn how to create your own 'Recharge' audio and 'Connection' video inexpensively, to help you build your client base.

Sunday, September 20th, 2020 - 1 Day Workshop - Jim Kellner - The Confident Stop Smoking Hypnotist

The Confident Stop Smoking Hypnotist

The smoking cessation client can strike fear into the hearts of a lot of hypnotists. Many of whom either give up on doing smoking cessation sessions or never even start doing them because of the fear.
- 'What if they don't quit?' or because of their dismal success rates.
Rather than relying on a 'one and done' approach - then crossing your fingers and hope that they really are done, you'll learn a proven method for helping the majority of clients who want to quit, to quit.
You can confidently offer them a lifetime guarantee. EVEN with remote clients. Key takeaways:
- Learn several powerful NLP techniques to use during the session and to give to your clients to further ensure success.
- Learn how to adapt your sessions to work with remote clients via Zoom, Skype, or even the
Yes, remote hypnosis works!
- Learn what to say if the client doesn't quit.
- Find out when to turn away a potential client.
- Finally, approach stop smoking sessions confidently and fearlessly.
- Practice together in a supportive environment.

Sunday, September 20th, 2020 - 1 Day Workshop - Jimmy Petruzzi - Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and Cognitive Techniques for Stress Management in Business and Sport

Hypnotherapy, mindfulness and cognitive techniques for stress management in business and sport

Stress leads to a state of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion that can interfere with your ability to successfully keep up with your commitments and effectively run your business. Burnout, financial difficulties.

Many of the happiest, most successful, well-adjusted people are those who have learned to respond to high levels of stress in a positive and balanced way.

In a world where we’re constantly rushing around: We all know that life isn’t that simple and that throughout our journey in life we might face numerous challenges, problems, and setbacks.

Sometimes we take a hit. We fall ill, lose jobs, fight with loved ones, financial worries, being overworked you are under a lot of pressure, struggling with your health, don’t like your job, lack a sense of direction or a feeling of hope.

This course has been designed to allow delegates to analyse their own responses to pressure and produce practical strategies to face daily challenges and become more effective using Hypnotherapy, mindfulness and Cognitive approaches

Sunday, September 20th, 2020 - 1 Day Workshop - Jolana Andre - Develop Your Own Social Media Strategic Marketing Plan

Develop Your Own Social Media Strategic Marketing Plan

Every business using social media needs a social media plan. Without one, you are just wasting its time.
In the workshop, Jolana Andre is going to give you the information and inspiration for you to create your own Social Media Marketing Plan. When the class is completed you will be able to put it practice immediately to start growing your business and client base.
In this interactive workshop, you will actually write your own marketing plan using a step by step
Your plan will:
• Establish which social media is the best  t with your business
• Figure out who your target audience is and how to reach them.
• Research the competition so you can set yourself apart
• Conduct a social media audit -  nd out what is working and what is not
• Find out which media sites are best to attract your audience
• How to create content, when best times to post and how to engage your audience. for example,
you will learn what you need to do to get more views and likes on your videos.
• Create a social media content calendar
• Get the tools to test, evaluate, and adjust your strategy
Developing a social media marketing strategy is probably one of the hardest things to do because it requires you to step back and look at the big picture. You have to shift your mindset away from your daily tasks like scheduling and replying to comments to higher-level thinking. We are going to work together to design a plan that works for you and your business

Sunday, September 20th, 2020 - 1 Day Workshop - Karen Paolino Correia - Healing the Root Cause and Accessing Higher Wisdom with Soul Entrainment™

Healing the Root Cause and Accessing Higher Wisdom with Soul Entrainment™

We all want to help our clients access the root cause of their issues, pain, dis-ease, and repetitive patterns so they can heal and move forward. During this powerful one day workshop, you will discover the wisdom of the soul and how the soul knows everything about your client especially, how to help them access and heal the root cause of their challenges. Witness multiple sessions during the day to understand the power of the soul and how it can guide your client to the deepest level of healing and present miracles to your clients in one session. Feel confident when you leave that you can empower others through the souls knowing and unconditional love.
During this one day workshop, you will...
*Understand why working with the soul can be the most powerful session you can facilitate with your client
*Learn how to interview a client prior to a session to create clear goals and intentions
*Learn a specific induction to access the higher wisdom of the soul
*Learn how to work with the soul to guide you and your clients to the answers or healing they are searching for
*Learn techniques and questions to use during your session to help your client get the most out of each experience
*Discover how you can use Soul Entrainment to discover the root cause of any fear, problem or
concerning issue

Sunday, September 20th, 2020 - 1 Day Workshop - Nikola Ease - Become Your Own EASEOLOGIST


In this workshop, I will explain the basics of Easeology and EaseCoaching.

This workshop is going to be full of experience and practice then plain theory, and you will go home with a complete bundle to use in your life and your business.

I will show you how the most common things affect you daily without even realizing it, and you will be able to experience it.

You will learn how to protect yourself from undesirable hypnosis.

Identify who you are, and why are you hiding it.

Find your old wounds and let them go for good.

See and connect with your future. Set your vibration to resonance with the future perfect for you and you only.

Set yourself for life with ease and live it without any guilt.

Extra tips on how to nourish yourself with the help of nature, and learn to ground yourself fast to be able to perform better.

Sunday, September 20th, 2020 - 1 Day Workshop - Raphaela Alencar - Unleash Your Super-Self $ 130.00

"Unleash Your Super-Self"

Learn how to expand your awareness, your understanding and also your abilities. It's your opportunity to turn your limitations into freedom, weakness into power, drudgery into joy.
Start realizing that it is truly possible! Life can become more wondrous and fascinating.

Sunday, September 20th, 2020 - 1 Day Workshop - Rich Guzzi - HELIX - DISCOVER THE POWER WORKSHOP


Create your unique road map to success right here right now. Experience a transformation, new
mindset and gain clarity knowing exactly how to proceed with power and direction. This will be the first day of the rest of your life.

Sunday, September 20th, 2020 - 1 Day Workshop - Rob De Groof - Fast and Powerful Inductions

Fast & Powerful Inductions

In this experiential and intense training, you will:

➤Learn and practice more than 10 instant inductions to use in the therapy room, street hypnosis or at any kind of demonstration.

➤Receive a lot of tips & tricks on instant inductions and how to use them safely, how to practice them and how to develop the right mindset for a high success rate.

Sunday, September 20th, 2020 - 1 Day Workshop - Sara Herring - Delving into the womb!

Delving into the womb!

Let’s delve into the womb, looking at beliefs, fear, trauma, stress, rejection, betrayal and anything you have taken on whilst gestating. This is a hands-on workshop, with demonstrations, scripts and ways to regress your client, safely, and easily using hypnodialogue, and ideomotor skills, and lots of practice. This workshop will give you knowledge and insight to work with your clients, regressing them back to the womb, clearing, resolving, working with their DNA. I will share with you the different stages of the developing baby, what to look for and how to clear issues that started at conception, and issues from being born.

Sunday, September 20th, 2020 - 1 Day Workshop - Serafiina Sainio - Successful Weight Loss Protocol For Professionals

Successful weight loss protocol for professionals

I treat overeating and overweight as an eating disorder. My lecture gave you basic information about weight loss with hypnosis but the workshop is going way deeper into what does certain habits do to our brain and how can we reverse that negative impact.
I teach how to deal with all this emotional baggage and what kind of techniques are useful and successful to get 100% results. With hypnosis, we can help the brain to heal the same time as a person is healing from all food abuse they have put their body through but we can also rewire the brain for completely new thinking.
I talk about stress hormones and how they affect us. I give you techniques to deal with hormones. I also talk about leptin levels and how too little leptin or too much makes us work against us. After this workshop, you have a wide understanding of how to deal with different kinds of people who suffer from being overweight. I give you tools to spot what technique to use with whom as there are as many reasons for overeating as there are clients.
I give scientific facts and tools to help clients to achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle. I am offering a technique based on clinical research paired up with hypnosis techniques and scripts to take home from my workshop.

Sunday, September 20th, 2020 - 1 Day Workshop - Suzanne Norman - The Mind Of Healing- Using The Power of The Mind To Heal

The Mind Of Healing - Using the power of the mind to heal

As hypnotists, we understand how mental states can affect physical states, we accept the power of placebo and we induce it to assist our clients in overcoming an array of imbalances. But many claim that the mind goes even further in healing the body, operating through consciousness in some non-physical manner. In the deeper domains of consciousness, mind and body are the same things. The mind is the subjective experience of consciousness and the body is the objective experience of consciousness
Many enlightened cell biologist and psychobiologist believe that every disease is the result of life experience. When the mind perceives a threat it generates a lesion in the part of the brain that corresponds with that particular perception. The organ controlled by that part of the brain will then generate symptoms, creating a biological conflict. All mammals experience them. When the threat is resolved, the process is reversed and the body heals. The problem with humans is that not all conflicts are factual. Imagined threats are perceived by the mind as real, which can re-activate the conflict. So, sometimes the healing process doesn't complete. That's when we see chronic problems develop.
As mental engineers, we have a unique opportunity to help our clients in accessing, and then changing, certain perceptions that are causing dis-ease.
This course will examine the research into the placebo effect, ontogenetics, epigenetics, neuroplasticity, and the protocols for changing the mind so the body can change. I will introduce you to my healing protocol that has been used with hundreds of clients suffering from imbalances such as chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, and cancer. Hypnosis will soon become the healing protocol of choice for those who believe in their own ability and power of their mind.

Sunday, September 20th, 2020 - 1 Day Workshop - Suzy Prudden - Write Your Book in a Day

Write your Book in a Day

Everyone has a book inside of them and many people have been working on their book for 5 to 15 years. It doesn’t have to be long, it just has to be done.
In this one day program, Suzy Prudden will first help you get rid of the blocks that are keeping you from writing your book and then give you the tools to write your book right then and there.
You will receive her company’s Write Your Book in a Day book and be shown how to structure your book, set yourself up for success with your book and then use your book to enhance your business and increase your visibility and your income. Having a book positions you to do so. It positions you as the Influencer and you can walk out of this one-day seminar well on your way.

Sunday, September 20th, 2020 - 1 Day Workshop - Tom Faith - HELIX - the DNA of Hypnosis

HELIX - the DNA of Hypnosis

Helix is a new, holistic perspective on hypnosis which explains the functional relationships of hypnotic inductions, trance types and suggestions and simplifies their practical implementation. This allows us to evoke rapid and profound changes in experienced reality, one's own beliefs, and actions. Helix can be used both in therapeutic work and in show hypnosis.
This will be a deep dive workshop with at least 2 hours of hands-on exercises.
Contents will be around:
- Hypnosis - countless definitions and yet a commonality
- The trance myth: Why a specific trance is better than "deeper and deeper"
- Hypnotic suggestions to evoke the feeling of involuntariness
- Helix - the interaction of conviction, action, and experience to change perceived reality
- Lots of practical demonstrations and hands-on exercises

Sunday, September 20th, 2020 - 1 Day Workshop - Joanna Cameron - DrainThatPain Practitioner

DrainThatPain training

DrainThatPain is a holistic energy therapy for chronic pain elimination using active imagination. The overall objective of a DrainThatPain training is that each trainee has a hands-on experience so that she/he learns while being coached by me, the holistic energy therapy called DrainThatPain. Expect to have a life-changing experience.

Here are the objectives:

➤ a) That the participant will learn the power of intention and how essential it is for both therapist and client

➤ b) That the participant will understand the difference between chronic pain and new pain and learn the importance of signaling with the unconscious mind

➤ c) That the participant will feel the flow of energy in their body after an energy grounding exercise

➤ d) That the participant can let go of negative emotion, limiting decision, doubt and, of course, chronic pain and the power of group intention makes this energy healing even more outstanding.

➤ e) That the participant feels the drain in their body. Some people feel it like a yellow or blue light or an elevator going through their bodies. Afterward, a person feels lighter, balanced, renewed and has learned a technique that is repeatable on their own. It’s building a new habit of resilience – creating strength within. It’s putting participants in their bodies. That’s a very powerful verification and expands awareness!

➤ f) That the participant understands the safety considerations, paperwork and we all enjoy a gratitude party at the end of the day!