HypnoBiz New York Workshops

3 Day Workshop June 1st – 3rd, 2020 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM - Robert Gene Smith - FasterEFT; Fast Neurological Shifts. The next level of hypnosis/NLP and neuroscience of the mind. It’s Pure Mental Mechanics, covert, overt and direct hypnotic change for

FasterEFT; Fast Neurological Shifts. The next level of hypnosis/NLP and neuroscience of the mind. It’s Pure Mental Mechanics, covert, overt and direct hypnotic change for your clients and yourself!

Are you ready to learn the real secrets to transformational changes for yourself and your clients? I will teach you something that most professionals do not fully understand, nor do they know "how to". No more hit and miss changes for yourself or your clients. You may have heard the great hypnotists Mike Mandel and Melissa Tiers, as well as others, who swear about the positive and effective changes they experienced with FasterEFT. Believe it or not, there is so much more to the science behind change than the actual tapping because it is a fast psycho-sensory collapsing system. You will get more than merely tapping because tapping is only a small part of this incredible system.

What I have done is combined the world’s best modalities: NLP, Hypnosis (covert, overt and direct), neuroscience, the power of psycho-sensory collapses and many other power systems. I have taken these modalities, modified and simplified into a new logical system called FasterEFT/ eutaptics®. The FasterEFT approach makes significant changes in people. I have taken the complexity of the aforementioned modalities and made it simple.

After 43 years of studying, practicing and applying, I have reorganized, restructured and created a modality that will blow you away. I’ve been told that my FasterEFT modality is quoted as “The 4th Generation of NLP” and its powerful Hypnosis made EASY!

In this three-day course, you will not only learn about the mind but personally experience FasterEFT and eutaptics®. You’ll discover how to find the cause of you or your client’s issues and be able to shift your own personal blocks. You will witness demos and experience hands-on practice. I will explain how FasterEFT works without all the so-called energy and hypnotic language that is so often abstract and confusing to most people.

Are you ready to make changes in a measurable, yet practical way? You will learn and understand applied neuroscience that genuinely works fast. You may already know what fractionation is, however, you will discover the power of defractionation (defrac) which happens to be the magic to making deep and significant shifts. You will understand how Synaptic Plasticity works and how to rewrite the autonomic trances in seconds or minutes. You will learn about:

- The Deep Structure of Problems
- discover the Power of Directed Mindfulness and the elements to Simple Neuroplastic Change,
- Instant Autonomic Rewrites and how to make the Law of Attraction really work
- Discover the Power of Psychosensory Collapses (Fastest system on the planet)

1 Day Workshop - June 1st, 2020 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM - Christoffel Sneijders Advanced Integrative Coach Certification; the 3 brains coach Certification

Advanced Integrative Coach Certification; the 3 brains coach Certification

Learn a proven, effective way to enable successful, long-lasting change, based on
scientific research.
Learn how our three Brains-Head, Heart and Gut-are connected for powerful decision-making and how they store our memories and emotions
(like stress, fear, anger, grief, sadness, and frustration).
Yes, there are three brains controlling us and our clients.
We have an 'enteric brain' otherwise known as your 'gut-brain' which controls our survival needs and acts in fear or anger hence: fight or flight
responses and feeds our EGO.
Then there's the 'cardiac brain' which is your 'heart-brain' and it controls our bonding with other people and that is where we feel love, compassion
but also hate. Finally, there's the 'head brain' with three brains inside it (the rational new brain or prefrontal cortex; the emotional middle brain; and
the instinctual reptilian brain).
If you are not aware of all our brains and know how to work with them, then how are you going to truly help your client to make lasting change?
You will master after this 1 day:
You will be able to instantly apply these to coaching, leadership, managerial, therapeutic or personal situations that are relevant to you.
The techniques, insights, and lessons you can directly apply in your work with clients or colleagues include:
1. Knowing how and in which areas to work with your clients to assist them to achieve their goals.
2. Having insight into how we actually make decisions and store our memories and emotions (like stress, fear, anger, grief, sadness, and frustration).
3. The science behind the three Brains---0ur Head, Heart and Gut-and how they work'.
4. The ability to create better self-management techniques and reduce stress for your client and yourself.
5. Release emotional and/or physical issues that concern the Heart, Head or Gut Brain. Learn how you calibrate and align the three Brains.
6. The ability to identify and create a deeper understanding of how your client puts their emotional thinking in the way of reaching their objectives.
7. Learn the language and signs of the three Brains to identify which Brain or Brains are dominant in your clients in order to pinpoint the issue and
find a solution?
8. An understanding of how your client is blocking themselves in finding a solution to their objectives.
9. Identify the five main misalignments people could have between their different Brains. Misalignments lead to all kinds of issues, including
demotivation (depression), procrastination, stress/anxiety, ineffective decision-making approaches, and bad performance.
10. Identify and solve the root cause of your client's 'stuck' state.
11. Identify on an individual Brain level where the client is blocked, create awareness and solutions to the most common roadblocks in our individual
Brains, based on their unique purpose and objectives.
12. Exercises to master the knowledge and feel/experience the change.
'based on the book How men and women fit, finally understand your partner with the 3 brains theory by Christoffel Sneijders
This training is Accredited by ICF for CCE points

2 Day Workshop June 1st - 2nd, 2020 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM - Helene Feldman - Hypnotic Past Life Regression Certification

Hypnotic Past Life Regression Certification

The person we are today is a representation of all our experiences from all our lifetimes. These past lifetimes can have a huge effect on our present life. There maybe traumas that have emanated from the past that cannot be addressed by conventional therapies. Past Life Regression therapy can release these repressed memories and improve our present lives. Past Life Regression has also been extremely effective in helping overcome fears and phobias which often have emanated in a past life.
Past life Regression Therapy gives us insight into why we have certain thoughts, interests, and feelings towards certain people. Since groups of souls reincarnate together and take on different genders, roles, and relationships we automatically have different feelings towards certain people upon meeting them. The belief is that these relationships have to do with our balance of Karma in our lives.
Many people enjoy the experience of exploring past lives from a curiosity point of view. They have a desire to find out who they were, what they have accomplished, who they recognize in this life from a previous life. They enjoy knowing about previous talents and abilities that they have had and would like to bring them forth to this lifetime. They are interested in knowing why they are often drawn to certain places, desire certain foods, see what pets they have had and how they have reincarnated to be with them again.
This Hypnotic Past Life Regression Certification will teach you how to undertake regression work and the release of traumas, avoid abreactions, resolve physical and emotional issues and handling relationship issues. You will also learn advanced techniques, receive inductions scripts and an array of spiritual elements to enhance the regression process.

2 Day Workshop June 1st - 2nd, 2020 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM - Jaime Feldman - Advanced Parts Therapy Certification

Advanced Parts Therapy Certification

As a practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist, Jaime Feldman has been one of the pioneers in an advanced technique of Hypnotherapy called Advanced Parts Therapy.

Utilizing this technique, Feldman has been able to unlock the subconscious and remove behaviors of a psychological nature, which have also been found to manifest physical unwanted behaviors. Feldman had had outstanding success in curing phobias and deep-seated trauma, as well as treating the Immune System to cure cancer.

How is this ‘Revolutionary’ technique called Advanced Parts Therapy so powerful? We are made up of many personalities, aspects or parts; through these ‘parts’ we can uncover the causes of problems.

Our subconscious is protective, and through this mechanism, the subconscious sets up specific ‘parts’ to deal with trauma or special needs the individual may require. It is the nature of the mind to be subdivided into an indeterminate number of sub-personalities or ‘parts.’ The intention of each ‘part’ is positive or protective for the individual. There are no ‘bad’ parts and the goal of Parts Therapy is not to eliminate ‘parts,’ but instead to help find positive roles or behaviors also called jobs.

This workshop will train as well as give each participant a structured and well thought out mechanism for utilizing this revolutionary technique.

The goals of this course will enable the hypnotherapist to:

Discover the ‘part’ causing the aberrant behavior

Find the cause.

To release, through varied techniques of emotional clearing.

Retrain the ‘part’ to perform new positive behaviors or jobs. Typically, this can be done in less than one hour.

Use the syllabus that accompanies the course.

Format: Lecture, demonstration, and practice aided by handouts.

Note: The Montel Williams show devoted an entire show to Feldman and Parts Therapy.

2 Day Workshop June 1st - 2nd, 2020 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM - Rich Guzzi - Stage Hypnosis Certification Training

Stage Hypnosis Certification Training

Are you ready to FINALLY train with someone who actually DOES Comedy Hypnosis Shows for a living?
Do you want to elevate your game and income by booking as many shows as you want without having to worry about the competition?
How would you like to increase your clinical practice dramatically by doing a few live events plus become a local celebrity?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, then these are two days that you Essentially – CAN NOT MISS!
Rich Guzzi puts together the most innovative and unique trainings in the Hypnosis World today. More than just theory and lecture, the goal is results and doing plus a large dose of an amazing experience as well.

1 Day Workshop June 1st, 2020 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM - Ashley Lynn Caputo - Overcoming Fear with HypnoYogaTherapies™

Overcoming Fear with HypnoYogaTherapies™

In this experiential workshop, we will be exploring innate and learned/shared fears as well as covering what is going on in the brain when we are "scared out of our minds". Learn the difference between Fear and Anxiety.
Discuss the most common phobias here in the US and globally, and then learn techniques to overcome, interrupt, and alleviate all of the above utilizing Yogic and Hypnotic breathwork.
We will then learn and practice some other HypnoYogaTherapies™ techniques to deepen our self-awareness and move into deeper states.
This will include various meditative states using non-dual self-inquiry exercises and move through a series of explorative meditations including sound, Yoga Nidra, and mindfulness-based practice.

1 Day Workshop June 1st, 2020 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM - Attila Kun Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy

Age Regression but I assure you there is more to learn about this fascinating subject. This is a must-attend course for all those who want to become proficient in Age Regression.

Topics include:
• Regression therapy
• How to find the secondary gain in the interview stage, (before the therapy)
• Pseudo and True regression
• Initial Sensitizing Event (ISE)
• Affect bridge • Gestalt dialogue
• Healing the Inner Child
• Release and forgiveness

1 Day Workshop June 1st, 2020 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM - Camille Conti - Autism Release for Children

Autism Release for Children

Learn techniques from Camille Conti's unique and ground-breaking Autism Release Protocol for Children (ARPC), developed from her personal experience over 18 years working with her son, which gradually freed him from a severe disorder to almost nonexistent.
Learn from Camille’s experience working with her team of world-renowned doctors and experts; gain knowledge and techniques that are easily incorporated into your personal life or professional practice.
Learn about her Certification Course for Autism Release. Camille also created the Autism Release Protocol for Teens into Adulthood (ARPTA)

1 Day Workshop June 1st, 2020 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM - Desiree Holmes Scherini - Harnessing Energy for Personal Power

Harnessing Energy for Personal Power

A day filled with magic and manifesting! Learn how to use the power of your own thoughts, intentions and the electromagnetism of your heart! Education on the history and current science behind what has commonly been called “Magic” will be covered along with experiential processes for you to use for yourself and your clients!
Experience and Learn about “spoon bending”, creating and using sigils (personal symbols of intention), water intentions and more! For yourself and Clients!

1 Day Workshop June 1st, 2020 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM - Garry Coles - Hypno-Oncology Certification – Hypnotic Interventions for the Cancer Journey

Hypno-Oncology Certification – Hypnotic Interventions for the Cancer Journey
Certification Masterclass accredited by The Association of Hypno-Oncology Practitioners.

This certification masterclass will demonstrate how hypnotherapy is an essential complementary intervention to assist in the patient’s cancer journey. Emotional and psychological support can be beneficial at all stages of the journey.
Hypnotherapy can be a useful addition in preparing for pre-surgery as well as assisting with post-surgery healing and pain control.

Other common areas experienced such as insomnia, anticipatory nausea, dysgeusia, dietary issues can often be helped with hypnotherapy.
This certification masterclass will give an overview of cancer and the cancer journey, it is essential to understand the process, journey, terminology, and treatment being undertaken to be able to communicate effectively with patients and the medical profession.
Common areas that you can successfully work with will be highlighted, and techniques and approaches discussed.
Current research will be examined. You will be shown how to work with the patient to address and help them control their symptoms, (in conjunction with other treatments given).
On completion of the workshop, you will have the knowledge to be able to:-
Effectively communicate and work with cancer patients, having an understanding of the physical and psychological aspects of cancer
Ethically work with cancer patients, knowing what you can legally say and work with.
Create hypnotherapy treatment plans through having knowledge of the patients’ cancer journey.
To provide appropriate psychological support to both patients and carers.
To assist the patient in controlling their symptoms and side effects.
Utilise and understand the potential benefits of Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI)

1 Day Workshop June 1st, 2020 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM - Jim Kellner The Confident Stop Smoking Hypnotist

The Confident Stop Smoking Hypnotist: The smoking cessation client can strike fear into the hearts of many hypnotists. Many of whom either give up on doing smoking cessation sessions or never even start doing them because of the fear - 'What if they don't quit?' or because of their dismal success rates.

Rather than relying on a 'one and done' approach - then crossing your fingers and hoping that they really are 'done', you'll learn a proven method for helping the majority of clients who want to quit, to quit. You can confidently offer them a lifetime guarantee. EVEN with remote clients.

Key takeaways:
Learn several powerful NLP techniques to use during the session and to give to your clients to further ensure success.
Learn how to adapt your sessions to work with remote clients via Zoom, Skype, or even the telephone. Yes, remote hypnosis works!
Learn what to say if the client doesn't quit.
Find out when to turn away a potential client.
Finally, approach stop-smoking sessions confidently and fearlessly. - Practice together in a supportive environment.

1 Day Workshop June 1st, 2020 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM - Joanna Cameron - DrainThatPain


DrainThatPain is a holistic energy therapy for chronic pain elimination using active imagination. The overall objective of a DrainThat Pain training is that each trainee has a hands-on experience so that she/he learns while being coached by me, the holistic energy therapy called DrainThat Pain. Expect to have a life-changing experience.
Here are the objectives:
That the participant will learn the power of intention and how essential it is for both therapist and client
That the participant will understand the difference between chronic pain and new pain and learn the importance of signaling with the unconscious mind
That the participant will feel the flow of energy in their body after an energy grounding exercise
That the participant can let go of negative emotion, limiting decision, doubt and, of course, chronic pain and the power of group intention makes this energy healing even more outstanding.
That the participant feels the drain in their body. Some people feel it like a yellow or blue light or an elevator going through their bodies. Afterward, a person feels lighter, balanced, renewed and has learned a technique that is repeatable on their own. It’s building a new habit of resilience – creating strength within. It’s putting participants in their bodies. That’s a very powerful verification and expands awareness!
That the participant understands the safety considerations, paperwork and we all enjoy a gratitude party at the end of the day!

1 Day Workshop June 1st, 2020 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM - Jimmy Petruzzi - Hypnotherapy And Cognitive Techniques For Stress Management In Business And Sport

Hypnotherapy And Cognitive Techniques For Stress Management In Business And Sport

Stress leads to a state of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion that can interfere with your ability to successfully keep up with your commitments and effectively run your business. Burnout, financial difficulties.
Many of the happiest, most successful, well-adjusted people are those who have learned to respond to high levels of stress in a positive and balanced way.
In a world where we’re constantly rushing around: We all know that life isn’t that simple and that throughout our journey in life we might face numerous challenges, problems, and setbacks.

Sometimes we take a hit. We fall ill, lose jobs, fight with loved ones, financial worries, being overworked you are under a lot of pressure, struggling with your health, don’t like your job, lack a sense of direction or a feeling of hope.
This course has been designed to allow delegates to analyse their own responses to pressure and produce practical strategies to face daily challenges and become more effective using Hypnotherapy and Cognitive approaches
What will I learn in this course?
The importance of recognizing emotions
Awareness of emotions
How to quickly reduce stress
How emotions and personality are linked to behavior and wellbeing
Cognitive cycle and the ABC model
Personality types and beliefs
The role of the brain in emotions
Chemicals, hormones, and emotions
Brain plasticity and emotional functioning
The importance of managing moods
Factors that underlie the ability to regulate emotions
The process of emotion regulation
Differences between moods and emotions
Cognitive techniques to manage emotions
Behavioral techniques to manage emotions

1 Day Workshop June 1st, 2020 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM - Robert Merlin - The Business of Hypnosis

The Business of Hypnosis

An in-depth class on how to run a successful Holistic or alternative private practice, part-time or full time.
You will learn about where to open, leases, advertising, marketing and what works, social networks and how to use them, insurance, liability, scheduling appointments, use of scripts, what to say, what can be done and what can not be done, staying in your lane, what to charge clients, three things you must do to be successful and so much more.
Outlines and handouts to help you get started or put you on the right track if you are not meeting your goals. This class is for the new practitioner or a seasoned professional who is not reaching their financial goals. Any Holistic Practitioner will benefit from this knowledge.
All materials included. A must for Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists! Learn from someone who makes a six-figure income every year and can teach you how to achieve your goals.

1 Day Workshop June 1st, 2020 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM - Roxanne Louise - Creating Flow: Clearing Stuck Mental/ Emotional Energies

Creating Flow: Clearing Stuck Mental/ Emotional Energies

Here is a complete PENDULUM DOWSING COURSE specifically geared to hypnotherapists in locating and resolving blocks, non-beneficial beliefs, judgments, attitudes, addictive thinking, fears, secondary gain, shadow issues, stuck energies on people, activities, events, and the root cause and secondary factors responsible for ANY problem - yours or that of your client.
Use also for mind-body healing, and for business and personal matters.

1 Day Workshop June 1st, 2020 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM - Sandra Grace - Transformation Coaching Workshop

Transformation Coaching Workshop

If now is the time for you to joyfully Transform your life and your business into a Successful System that consistently inspires and impacts...Enroll in this class now! To truly create lasting change, we must become congruent within one’s spiritual/energy field as well as mental/emotional and physical/structural states.
As a Master Teacher, I will share with you my proven best practices, sacred protocols, and professional precautions. You will enjoy experiencing the transformation work first hand so that you can take these techniques back to your business and share them with your clients.
This 1-day course will be packed with protocols you will quickly and easily put to practice.

1 Day Workshop June 1st, 2020 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM - Sharon Jurd - Grow Your Speaking Business

Grow Your Speaking Business

This event is an interactive, hands-on speaking training workshop where you can grow your Hypnotherapy business through speaking to the level you have always dreamed about.
Have you ever wanted to share your message from the stage but wasn’t sure where to start?
Do you want to earn more money being a sought-after speaker?
Do you want to have a ‘ready to go’ presentation for all audiences?
If you said yes to one of these questions, you have found the place to achieve this goal.
There is no sitting in your chair going to sleep here.
You will learn:
-How to structure your story
-How to use stories to illustrate your point
-When to have wisdom, be vulnerable or call to action
-How to get the audience to sit up and take notice
-How to awaken the audience into taking action
-How to arouse emotions and feelings within the audience
-How to inspire courage in your audience to make a change
-How to get speaking gigs
-How to grow your database full of potential clients through speaking
-What to do before, during, and after each event
-What to get paid for speaking gigs
-How to get the right audience in the room for your own event
This event is for:
Professional Hypnotherapists who want to stand out from the crowd.
People who want to earn more money than they ever thought possible.
Shy people who want to build their business…. (you don’t have to be an extravert – I’m not!)

1 Day Workshop June 1st, 2020 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM - Sharron Magyar - Fifty Shades of Grief - I Don’t Want to Live this Sucky Life!

Fifty Shades of Grief - I Don’t Want to Live this Sucky Life!

Have you ever been stuck in a life you didn’t ask for or didn’t want? About 2.5 million people die in the United States annually, each leaving an average of five grieving people behind. It's estimated that 1.5 million children (5% of children in the United States) have lost one or both parents by age 15. When you suffer a loss of someone or something you love, grief slams into your life and takes it over.
Sharron Magyar knows grief intimately as she lost her daughter and two of her grandsons. In this workshop, Sharron shares how to confront grief openly and how to cope with the cultural idea that any kind of pain, especially grief is something to “just get over”,” put the past behind you!” Sharron shares secrets to help your clients normalize and validate the experience of grief and to move to a heart-centered place of love.
Included in the 1-day workshop is Sharron’s book Fifty Shades of Grief and accompanying grief workbook. The workbook includes grief intake forms, emotional frequency chart, energy restoration exercises, scripts specifically for grief & a testimonial form.
Through this course, you will learn how to support your client to:
Learn about themselves, their losses, and how to care for themselves inside their pain

Decrease their loneliness and feelings of isolation

Feel supported, encouraged, and inspired
Increase their ability to treat themselves – and others – with kindness and compassion

Find more peace-of-being around what hurts (which is far different than “moving on”)

Connect with your true voice

Engage deeply, and creatively, with their grief

You will learn how to:
What to look for in preliminary consultation

Identify grief as an energy issue and soul wound

How you can inherit grief intergenerationally

Identify Gender Difference in Grief

Learn how children process grief

How to future pace and establish a safety zone for your client.

One Grief response that can cause people to become stuck in grief soul wounds.

How to help your client find closure and peace.

You will Experience:
Hypnosis designed to recover your energy and release unconscious grief.

1 Day Workshop June 1st, 2020 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM - Ayse Hogan - Reiki 1 Certification

Reiki 1 Certification

Welcome to Usui Reiki Level 1 Certification. Are you ready to take the first step on your Reiki journey?
I truly believe that everyone should have at least Reiki 1 for the purposes of self-healing. I’d like you to think of this course as more of an experience. Learning and growing as you bring in new pieces of knowledge and then executing each one. As Napoleon Hill said, “Knowledge is only potential power, it is the execution that is the true power. That being said, in this course there will be a lot of execution and so many added bonuses as you will see in the curriculum below.
I look forward to having you in this course and beginning your journey with me.

In this course you will learn;
What Reiki is and its History
It’s Uses and Benefits
Introduced to the Chakras
Vital Grounding, Grounding, and Expansion techniques
Self Healing Hand Positions & Invocations
Basic Knowledge about Energy and how it affects our lives
What is an attunement and you will be attuned
Various Reiki Meditations
How to treat your family members, close friends, plants and pets
Code of Ethics
Student Testimonials
I have taken The Chakra House of Healing Reiki Level 1, online course. I absolutely love it! I love the spirit and passion that Ayse has for Reiki and sharing it with others. She is a kind soul and shares her knowledge in a way that makes you want to keep learning more.
I love the online course too. I have two small kids at home, so I can take the time each night to listen to one or two videos. I can do it at my own pace and I can rewatch the videos anytime I want since it’s lifetime access. I highly recommend this course and Ayse to anyone and everyone!!

1 Day Workshop June 1st, 2020 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM - Caryn Bird - Sports Hypnosis Certification

Sports Hypnosis Certification

Complete ‘business in a box’ for becoming a HypnoCoach
Attitude of a Champion is not just a technique, but an entire sports hypnosis business system spanning marketing, sales, and program delivery.
This course will cover the 3 key sessions and the strategies to teach athletes how to master the mental tools and mental training steps required to reach their peak performance and acquire the attitude of a champion. As a bonus, we will discuss how to tap into the market with sports teams and how to help athletes overcome performance anxiety and mental blocks.
No trial and error, no confusion – just a straightforward system to apply.

1 Day Workshop June 1st, 2020 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM - Jolana Andre - Develop A Social Media Marketing Plan To Grow Your Business

Develop A Social Media Marketing Plan To Grow Your Business

During this workshop, you will define your brand and then developing a step by step social media outline to grow your business. You will determine what your message is and who your target audience is.
We will work to determine what is the best social media for you to use to get seen by your target audience. Then we will work together to create a marketing strategy just for you through fun activities.

1 Day Workshop June 1st, 2020 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM - Lydia Bogert - Become A Leading Therapist And Coach In The Women's Weight Management Industry

Become A Leading Therapist And Coach In The Women's Weight Management Industry

You'll learn exactly how to treat women's weight management from A-Z, in such a way that maximally benefits your clients, reaping phenomenal, sustainable, permanent results, while boosting your income massively.

The weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, yet diets, eating plans, programs, gym memberships, and exercise regimes pale in comparison to the massive impact and life-altering shifts that accompany investing in changing your mindset and relationship to food. As therapists and coaches, we are able to provide an essential and highly valuable service to our clients and deserve to be remunerated accordingly, getting a piece of that billion-dollar pie.

I'll delve into great depth, teaching you how to adopt and apply my 7 ways of treating women's weight management.

My methodology has been so successful in massively changing women's lives because I don't just do 1 thing. I'll show you how to become a sought-after specialist in the weight loss industry, by becoming an expert in helping your clients get the results they crave

(without food!). You'll learn how to help clients create new neural pathways, associations with food, eliminate cravings, establish a healthy and productive internal dialogue, boost their self-esteem and self-efficacy exponentially.

You'll get access to all of my materials, including my client-support booklet, online materials, and scripts, and become a part of my online community. I'll also give you all of my top marketing and self-promotion tips for a successful and thriving business.

1 Day Conference Registration