The Prophetic Office of Dr. Michael L. Mosley

Prophetic Reading/ Coaching Package

You are already born with greatness and tremendous potential, within these sessions, Dr. Mosley will assist you in using that power to bring forth your desired manifestation.

He will employ wonderful intuitive techniques to coach you into your divine Success! All sessions are conducted for THREE CONSECUTIVE WEEKS and can not be otherwise divided. Meaning, all sessions are done within THREE straight weeks, one hour per week.

You've already been moving forward, now it's time for you to Soar!!

Personal Trainings

Personal Prophecy Training

per week for 6 weeks ($750.00 total)
Enjoy learning and developing your Spiritual gifting of Prophecy with classes taught by Dr. Michael L. Mosley. In addition, you will have personal ONE-ON-ONE consultations with Dr. Mosley! Wow, this is your chance to train personally with Modern-Day Prophet and Spiritual Teacher, Dr. Michael Mosley.