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Artist Development

Artist Development Package - First Six Sessions

The First Six Artist Development sessions address the following specific topics to get you organized:
Session 1: Fundamentals (Headshot & Resume review, Type discovery)
Session 2: Repertoire Session 1 (Current package and book)
Session 3: Repertoire Session 2 (New material)
Session 4: Digital setup (Internet, camera, and sound settings, etc.)
Session 5: Online presence
Session 6: Next Steps (Auditions, training, etc.)

The First Six sessions can be completed weekly, or in as few as three weeks (meeting twice per week). After completion of the First Six sessions, we can meet regularly for routine Artist Development check-ins and followup sessions.

Voice Technique

6 Week Summer Online Lessons Package

Purchase a package of 6 ONLINE lessons for a discounted rate of $600 (normally $750 if paid as individual lessons). This option is be pre-paid and requires us to meet weekly at a set time each week. After the 6 weeks we can discuss booking another 6-week package or switching to single lessons at the regular rate ($125).

1. This is valid for ONLINE lessons through Zoom.
2. This must be pre-paid in full.
3. Lessons will be scheduled weekly at a set time.
4. Any lessons or time missed by you would be forfeited (i.e. no makeups).
5. You can not receive any school credit or grades for these lessons.
6. Should you require a refund, you will be refunded the amount minus the FULL RATE for each lesson already used.

Video Feedback

For $50 you may submit a video of up to 5 minutes of material, including a slate and mentioning what you'd specifically like feedback on.
I will return a feedback video of up to 5 minutes within 48 hours.
You may then send one return video of up to 5 minutes implementing the adjustments of THE SAME MATERIAL within 48 hours and I will send one final video back with any final feedback.
Payment must be made through Venmo, ApplePay, or online CC payment.

Responses not submitted within 48 hours will forfeit second round of feedback.