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How to Work with Your Soul Council

This digital course helps you connect to your Soul Council and Guides in order to receive messages, signs and guidance from the Higher Realms.

This online class is 75 minutes long and includes a video, two meditations, worksheets and the pdf slidedeck. Special techniques covered include the Lock and Key connection, the 3-Step Method to reaching your Sacred Heart Space and the Soul Council Prayer

The two meditations included are Discovering Your Soul Council and How to Work with Your Soul Council. The first meditation helps you receive the name, shape and members of your Council. The second meditation takes you into your Sacred Heart Space, activates your Flower of Life Sphere and helps you connect to your Soul Council through automatic writing and channeling.

By the end of this class, you'll walk away with some level of confidence in having connected to your Guides. Through practice and continued communication, you can increase your psychic abilities to receive and work with your Soul Council.

How to Work with Your Business Council in the Akashic Records

Are you interested in growing your business but not sure what actions to take?

Connect to your Akashic Records Business Council and receive information, knowledge and guidance that can help you set your business in the right direction.

This online class will show you how to work with your Business Council as well as techniques that can help you connect more clearly, receive messages and gain confirmation.

Your Akashic Business Council was created the moment you thought of your business and began to plant seeds. It's your Business Council that delivers ideas and people that align you to your greatest work.

Instead of struggling for answers, why not ask!

This digital download includes your Akashic Record Business Manual, a video of the Akashic Record Business Council class and a recorded meditation from the class that you can use to guide you.

Once you complete payment, you will automatically receive an email with a link to view your video, your pdf download and an mp3 recording of the Business Council meditation.

Use your tools regularly to connect to your Business Council in the Akashic Records and observe the positive results, support and success that you gain!

Rewire the Script of Your Life Online Course

Are you ready to take control of your soul's journey and rewire the script of your life?

This special class will help you accomplish just that. By applying the 3 Key Elements, you will be able to manifest spectacular outcomes.

The 3 Key Elements you'll learn are Habits, Time Management and Manifestation Techniques. You'll apply the 3 Key Elements to creating a Rewiring Process that will help you achieve great results in 30 days or less.

This is 2 live online classes that you'll experience in the comforts of your own home. Details of the class are listed below.

- Learn about the Script of Your Life and How to Change It
- Discover the Power of Small Habits that lead to big outcomes
- Create a Rewiring Process that you can use morning, noon and night in 30 minutes that leads to powerful results

- Discover how to create the Movie that plays the new Script of Your Life and how to consistently play this
- How to Apply the Rewiring Process and Play the Movie in your mind where you are the Hero/Heroine of your own journey

This is a great way to start the new year, idea or project off. Work with a phenomenal method to influence how your life looks already. Within 30 days, you will definitely feel different, see results and super-charge your life as long as your follow your process to completion!

Prep Materials You'll Receive Beforehand:

- Instructions on you'll need
- Templates of Timelines and Scripts that you can use to begin the Rewiring Process

Cost of Class: $37.00
Location of Class: Online via Zoom

Sacred Geometry & Light Language Emanations

Sacred Geometry & Light Language Emanations Digital Class

This is an ONLINE course that covers 4 major key areas of study:
1. Circles: Vesica Piscis, Seed of Life and Flower of Life
3. Triangles: Pyramids, Octaheadrons, Star Tetrahedrons
4. Metatron's Cube and the Platonic Solids
5. Manifestation Shapes: Sri Yantra and The Mobius Loop

Each 90-minute class will cover these sacred shapes, how to work with these symbols and where to place them in your home/business/world.

Each class has exercises and worksheets to help you work with your sacred shape of the week. These exercises help you connect your intentions to the shape.

Each class class offers a 30- minute guided meditation at the end to help you absorb the shape within your human energy field so that you can EMANATE that LIGHT LANGUAGE shape out into the world for support, positive energy or intentions to help and heal.

In addition, you will receive a pdf worksheet for each class via email along with bonus shapes that you can cut-out and color. You are welcome to print out the worksheets, color them and add intentions to them throughout the classes and apply these powerful shapes to your current life, relationships, health and work.

Details will be sent to you once you register for the course.

* P.S *
You may be wondering why is this course 55.55. Here's a little explanation below:
The meaning of number 5555 suggests patience, harmony and balance - the desired improvements you are working on is being manifested.
The addition of number two, (5+5+5+5= 20, 2+0= 2) signifies peace, harmony and patience.

So there you go - manifesting can be easy when you work with sacred shapes, numbers and energies!