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1 - Live Fully Free

Live Fully Free - Toxic Energy Release programme

Live fully free from toxic relationship patterns.
Release the toxic patterning that keeps you stuck in nasty relationships, then go into clean up mode.‍ Why stop at just releasing the pattern? With the Live Fully Free Programme, you can heal wounds, become empowered, enabling you to live your best life!

Attract loving relationships & friendships
Have the confidence to pursue your dreams
Feel worthy of your incredible life
Trust yourself and your decision-making abilities
Have strong and clear boundaries
Know when someone is right or wrong for you
Be free from guilt

Topics covered in the Live Fully Free Programme are worthiness, self-esteem, victimhood, judgement from others, isolation, disassociation, decision making, negative thought patterns, boundary setting, depression, anxiety, approval-seeking, people-pleasing & more.

See more info at https://www.hayleylowe.co.nz/intuitive-healing/toxic-relationship-energy-healing

Live Fully Free - VIP - Toxic Energy Release programme

The full 'Live Fully Free Programme' with additional benefits:

‍Voice memo support/healing - Ask your quick questions through the app Voxer when you feel you need to rather than waiting, and get energetic support when you need it!

2 x custom designed healing/meditation videos just for you!